Jobe Yellow Jacket and Adding Ribbed Matting
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    Aug 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Jobe Yellow Jacket and Adding Ribbed Matting

    New to the forums and the hobby but sure I will be rolling in gold soon!
    Anyway, since I didnt want to drop $200+ on a bazooka trap I went ahead and got a Jobe Yellow Jacket sluice box and I had a couple of questions on mods for it.
    1) Would it be wise to add more deep v ribbed matting to the flared top end down to the already installed matting?
    2) I was thinking about cutting half the expanded aluminum riffles so that it only goes half way up the box starting at bottom ... so first half is just carpet.
    Any thoughts on these mods or other I might want to make?

    I live in North Idaho and plan to p[an/sluice local rivers and creeks. Thoughts on where to go are always welcome as well!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Aug 2007
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Why not try it out stock to see how it handles the samples in your area before modifying it especially cutting the expanded metal. The ribbed matting at the upper end of the sluice really does help to understand if there is gold in the area as the smaller heavies hang up there But as long as the Deep ribbed matting does not disturb the water flow too much that could be tried. Best of luck........................63bkpkr
    Out searching w/GMT & friend under my arm

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    Aug 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    OK, good advice! Going to head up some creeks later today to do some test samples for giggles and if there is enough water running I will try out the sluice too! Thanks!

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    Jul 2013
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    I would use it as is and work on getting some experience so you can determine if any mods are are needed. I can tell you mine works just fine.

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    Aug 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Gold Hog Razorback Mat

    So went out on first quick day trip ... didnt find any gold but was not out long as was late. I did get to try my sluice and found the following that I didnt like;
    1)first riffle was so high after adding depth of carpet and screen that water was really cresting in high arch over top if it.
    2)dont really care for the cleanout ... not that I know much about it other than found the carpet a PITA to get clean.

    So I was wondering if I could get some input on swapping it all out for straight Razorback matting from Gold Hog for ease of use, less jump over first riffle, and perhaps better flow in varying water circumstances.

    Is it worth $80 to change all this out or should I stick with the Jobe the way it is? I can lower the first riffle by only running expanded metal 1/2 way up box.

    The other option is to get a second perhaps drop riffle rig and keep them both. Or, perhaps sell the Jobe and move to a Bazooka but worried about flow rates in local smaller creeks to run one of those most of year.


    P.S. Anyone in Sandpoint ID area that might want a tag-along gold seeker, let me know!
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    Jun 2010
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    N. Idaho is noted for fine gold.

    Try it as it is, until you know what it can do or not do.

    If it were me, I would tear out all the riffles, matting, and line it with ribbed rubber matting, and run a fast, low flow in it.

    You will immediately see all the gold you are getting, and cleanup only takes a few minutes.

    Screen the gravel with a # 4 sieve, thats 1/4" per square, then fast pan it out using a rectangular LeTrap pan. You will go home with pure gold in your sucker or vial!

    The low flo sluice washes out 95% of all the black sand.



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