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Thread: new to prospecting

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    Aug 2015
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    new to prospecting

    I've been detecting for years, need something new. I was thinking of getting a backpack box and doing some river hunting. Is this something that's worth while, I don't know I just was sitting home tonight and started typing away and decided that this might work out. I know nothing about any of it, say a backpack box for $100 and I know a few rivers that have produced at least that's what the net says. You guy (gals) like this and what are you finding. I'm new to the forum and I've not been able to navigate this as of yet but saw this section and thought I'd ask the experts...

    Any help, would be great. I own a DFX, and I'm thinking the pack will be here in a few weeks. Until then I can learn as much as I can, like most I suppose I was set on building a dredge but why not start small LOL..

    Thank you

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    Feb 2015
    Moses Lake WA & Provo UT
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    Sorry, not an expert but maybe I can help. I'm pretty new to this too but I love it. It's not worth while as far as $ but for fun, definitely. Make sure you get a good pan first and maybe you want to start just with that, see if it's your thing. Doesn't really matter which one you get, aside from dimensions and materials, they all work the same, nothing special to it. If you decide to move onto a sluice, save yourself a lot of time looking and go straight to The Bazooka Gold Company - Home of the Original Bazooka Gold Trap. There's plenty of info on them around the forum to decide which you'll want, and nobody on here has anything but good to say about them.
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    retired bumb and part time Hobo

    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
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    The only trouble I see with the Bazooka sluice or any sluice is that you need to use a sshhhooovvveelll with them! I hate shhhhhh...........that word!
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    Nov 2014
    Northern California
    White's TDI SL, Fors Gold+, Gold Monster 1000, 36" Bazooka Prospector, 30" Bazooka Sniper.
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    The 30" sniper is $145 shipped I believe so it's a little more than your budget but totally worth it. Bazooka has smaller models though that would fit your budget but if you want to run a lot of material I'd go with the sniper or bigger.
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    Author of a book about finding gold in Colorado

    Jan 2012
    Summit County, Colorado
    Grizzly Goldtrap Explorer & Motherlode, Gold Cube with Banker on top, Bazooka Goldtrap sluices, Angus Mackirk Expedition, Gold-n-Sand Xtream Hand pump
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    new to prospecting

    I'd suggest a 14 inch plastic pan in green or black. Panning is a lot more work than sluicing so I wouldn't spend too much time out in the field panning before I moved up to a sluice (unless you are sniping cracks).

    In any case, start by joining a local club, ideally an independent one that goes on group outings. Best way to learn quickly!

    PS I'm a bazooka fanboy too but I say one step at a time since you need to know what gear will work in your prospecting area before you buy equipment. Just promise me you won't buy a metal riffle based sluice as those things are harder to run well and are really old-fashioned compared to modern tech like fluid beds and drop riffles.
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    This isn't a hobby! It's hard work!

    Feb 2013
    Golden Valley Arid-Zona
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    Prospecting/Mining and protecting our rights to do so.
    First off let me say welcome to the asylum! I call it that because we're all nuts (about gold) here!

    Next.. You already seem to have a case of gold fever, so you're going to have to learn that there is no cure for it. Symptoms can only be controlled by frequent prospecting and mining activities.

    As a beginner, you've got lot of things to learn and you've come to the right place to do just that. Here are some of my views on how to improve you chances of finding some of that yellow stuff we all love....

    1. Learn your quarry! There's much more to being successful at finding gold than going out and digging blindly. As stated before a club is a great place to start. This will help you in several ways. A: You get to learn the equipment from people that know it. B: You have a better chance to learn what types of methods work best in your area. This will save you money in the long run. No sense in buying stuff that isn't going to work for your area is there? ALWAYS REMEMBER... Let the terrain dictate the equipment. Not the other way around.

    2. You've just gotten involved in the biggest game of "Hide and Seek" there is. Your opponent is none other than Mother Nature herself! To be able beat her and win the game you need to learn just how she hides the prize. You do this by learning some geology, some mineralogy, as well as some hydrology (how water flows and how materials react to that flow). Other skills to learn would include how to read topographical maps, basic survival skills as well as basic first aide. Military training is some of the best available in these subjects so find and download the manuals for these subjects off the web. They're free and very good ways to pick up these skills. (if you don't have them already that is) Some are available on the My Land Matters web site. The link to it is in my signature below.

    3. Take the time to learn your equipment and learn it well! A maladjusted sluice isn't going to catch all the gold it is capable of, just as a poor panning style is going to loose gold as well. Learning to adjust and use your gear is very important.

    4. A pan is the first and last step in getting the gold. Make sure that you get one that fits your hand well! You will have times that you're going to be using it for long periods and if it's not comfortable to use it will take a lot of the fun out of it.

    5. In prospecting, PATIENCE is important! Even when you have learned the game, Mother Nature doesn't always play by the same rules. Never assume that the gold is where you think it is and never forget that it can hide in some very unlikely places.

    6. Learn the laws! Each state has it's own unique laws that go with the federal mining laws! Never prospect in an area that you're not sure of the status of! Mining on someones claim without permission is theft. My Land Matters also has a lot of information on this aspect as well. Learn how to use the site to your advantage and it will go a long way towards kepping you legal.

    Also remember that there is always more to learn! Many of us here have been in the game for years and not a one of us knows it all. I am regularly learning new things here on the forum and am glad to have this resource.

    Always keep it fun and remember to work smarter, not harder!
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    Mar 2014
    Lincolnton North Carolina
    30" Bazooka Sniper, Drop Riffle sluice box. Various Gold Pans
    1304 times
    I would start iwth a pan. If you cant pan out what you get in the sluice then the sluice is pointless in the first place. If you do not like to classify (getting everything smaller to work in the pan or sluice) then go with a bazooka sniper or prospector. If you dont mind classifying then go with a Angus Mackirk drop riffle. The AM company is currently for sale so all of their gear is discounted!!!

    Price Reduced Archives - Angus MacKirk
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    May 2014
    Beach High Banker, Sweep Jig, Whippet Dry Washer, Lobo ST, 1/2 width 2 tray Gold Cube, numerous pans, rocker box, and home made fluid bed and stream sluices.
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    One post of introduction and asking advice and the person disappears.
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    Author of a book about finding gold in Colorado

    Jan 2012
    Summit County, Colorado
    Grizzly Goldtrap Explorer & Motherlode, Gold Cube with Banker on top, Bazooka Goldtrap sluices, Angus Mackirk Expedition, Gold-n-Sand Xtream Hand pump
    11095 times
    Quote Originally Posted by arizau View Post
    One post of introduction and asking advice and the person disappears.
    Well, at least this will help others...

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    Apr 2014
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Bazooka 48" Miner and 30" Sniper, Le Trap, Wolf Trap, A52, 2" dredge, Miller tables, Blue Bowl, wheel, Falcon MD20, old White's detector
    1286 times
    Quote Originally Posted by russau View Post
    The only trouble I see with the Bazooka sluice or any sluice is that you need to use a sshhhooovvveelll with them! I hate shhhhhh...........that word!
    As I get older, I understand your adversion to shovels. But as long as I have to shovel (or can shovel), I see no reason to classify on the creek also!



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