Prospecting in S.C.
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    Apr 2016
    Greer S.C.
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    Prospecting in S.C.

    Hey there. I'm from originally from Colorado. I used to do some prospecting back there. Been in S.C. for a couple years and was hoping to get back into it. I'm in Summerville now but I'll be moving to Greenville in June. Would like to get some permission to get access to some property's or good input on places to go.

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    4 inch dredger

    Apr 2014
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    Let me know, I'm a dredger, getting harder to find places to go with all the environmentally screwed people now a days

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    4 inch dredger

    Apr 2014
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    God forbid I damage some sand or worse a rock using suction dredging....

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    Jan 2014
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    Easiest thing would be to go to the Sumter National Forest. Prospecting is allowed there, panning only though. There are several historic mines in the area, and placer gold in some creeks. You just need to request a free permit from the Long Cane Ranger district. They will give you a map with areas where you can prospect.

    Outside of that, it's a matter of asking permission or maybe dredging in rivers. Most creeks will be considered private property. Mineral rights are usually owned by the property owner, but in some cases are not.

    But regardless, I doubt you would find much gold in Summerville. Gold is found in SC above the fall line. Generally speaking, upstate of the sandhills is gold country. The Carolina Slate Belt and the King's Mountain Slate Belt run diagonally through the upstate, parallel to the coastline (more or less). Haile, Brewer, Barite Hill, and several other mines have uncovered major strikes, and much is still there. There is a lot of gold in SC, but it's mostly very fine or microscopic. I have read about some coarser gold and nuggets being found in the Western part of the upstate.

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    Apr 2017
    York sc
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    I live near Kings mountain and yes there's gold here. I have permission on some creeks. I only have a shovel and pan, but would love to work wit someone that has equipment.

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    Jul 2017
    Anderson, SC
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    Hey yall im from Anderson/Oconee Co. Area and I would love to learn and tag along if being a newbie isn't a problem. I'm a disabled veteran so I'm free almost all the time! I have a gold pan, classifier, Tecknetics Alpha metal detector, and a truck lol!

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