Whites PrismIV Operating Frequency & Depth..Anybody Know !
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    Jul 2008
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    White's PrismIV Operating Frequency & Depth..Anybody Know !

    I am considering buying one,and these are the deciding factors,is it :

    # Type I VLF: Type I instruments operate near the 5-6 KHz range. These detectors have an affinity for iron artifacts and exhibit exceptional sensitivity to metal items on the high end of the conductivity spectrum i.e. brass, copper and silver.

    or is it

    # Type II VLF: The Type II detectors generally have an operating frequency near 10-15 kHz. These instruments are intrinsically sensitive to metal targets of mid range conductivity such as aluminum, lead, nickel; gold and small irregularly shaped artifacts. The Type II is typically less sensitive to small iron artifacts making this a better choice for working in and around concentrations of ferrous debris.

    I am looking for the exact frequency and links.




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