Metal detector for the Black Hills
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    Metal detector for the Black Hills

    I'm looking at purchasing a metal detector to use in the Black Hills this summer and have been comparing the Gold Bug 2 and the Gold Bug Pro. Can someone offer any advice on either of those two choices or are there better options? I'm new to the forum but not metal detecting. I've detected old farmsteads and want to try something else. More importantly, my two sons think it is a great idea so we could spend some quality time together and make some great memories.

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    I think you'd have better luck on this forum, those guys really know their stuff. I assume you primarily want to do some nugget shooting in the Black Hills? I've got an old White's that has a "Prospecting Mode" on it, ironically I've never tried using it around the Hills, most of the areas that are historically known for nuggets are now private land or USFS land but (in most cases) already claimed for mineral rights. There's a bit of a stupid technicality, too, for hunting on USFS land - they don't have a problem with you metal detecting "as long as you don't dig holes". Just be smart about what you do and where you're at I guess. There's still a lot of interesting stuff to be found in the Hills, I don't know how many railroad ties and horseshoes I've picked up just laying on the ground in plain sight! I also believe there's still a damn good amount of placer gold out there to be found yet, including nuggets.
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    If the soil is highly mineralized some detectors handle it better than others maybe Terry Solomon can suggest some appropriate machines because he nugget shoots in the far west under tough conditions.

    Maybe send him a pm for advice.

    Regards + HH




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