Pinpointing help needed
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    Pinpointing help needed

    I got V3i last week and could use some help with pinpointing using the standard 10" DD coil. With my XLT, and it's 9.5" concentric coil, I can pinpoint right down to the spot with a detune or two. With this DD coil if I just use the graph lines I'm nowhere near the target. I've found if I detune, like a lot, then turn 90 degrees and detune again I can get pretty close. Is this normal? This is my first DD coil, so it's new to me. I was wondering if messing with the all-metal sensitivity would help?

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    I have had my V3i for about 4-5 years now. I use the 10 DD coil. The DD coil should pinpoint in the center around the upper 3/4 of the coil. When you reach the pinpoint location, turn about 90 deg, and continue the pinpoint. The target should be pretty closely at the upper 3/4 of the coil center. I have found the V3i to pinpoint pretty good. Adjusting the all metal sensitivity can very much enhance the target response. There are a number of good programs posted on the whites V3i forum. Keep using the detector and trying different settings. The detector has an adjusted for just about everything. It takes a little bit to learn, but its worth it. Do you have the manual?

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    I have the manual. I'm just used to the concentric coil of my XLT, with that I can literally quickly pinpoint to a pinpoint. With the V3i I did find that turning 90 and pinpointing again definitely helps narrow it down. It'll just take some practice which I'll get if it ever stops raining around here on my time off. I also have the 12: concentric coil if I feel the need to use it. I think a new pinpointer may help too. I'm rocking a 20yr old Tinytec that has maybe 1" range. With my XLT that was fine, but I think I'll upgrade to the Fisher F-pulse here soon.

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    An good pinpointer helps. The Fpulse looks pretty good. I have had the TRX for a few years. Good luck learning the detector and adjust the settings! It can really change the detector to suit what you want.

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