Cave formation
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Thread: Cave formation

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    Dec 2018
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    Cave formation

    Found a cave in eastern arkansas that it seems no one has ever explored. Looks to be a lava tunnel coming out of the mountain. I've crawled in about 15 feet but that's it. It turns to the left , gets a little smaller, and turns down. I had a rc truck with camera but the rock kept the signal from working far. I am now working on a robot built to explore deeper which will include a light, camera and wired control so as to not lose signal. I have a couple of questions.
    1.) What are lava tunnel characteristics? I didnt know if maybe it was caused by something else (water?).
    2.) What does a typical lava tunnel do? This is kind of a question of if the readers think it's worth my time exploring.
    Thank ya'll for your help!
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    First, caves can be dangerous. From what I read, you have mainly limestone caves, eroded out by water, with the stalactites and stalagmites. But there's also been volcanic activity in the state, going way back. So, is your cave limestone, or lava? Can you post a pic? That would be helpful.
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    Dec 2018
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    I wish I still had one. I no longer have the account that I had my pictures and videos of the cave on. I know it's a long shot until i go back for more.
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    Dec 2018
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    An it it quite cylindrical in shape. I do not see any other formations in the cave either. It is actually quite dry, although I'm sure this could have changed over many years of the caves existence.
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    Love to see a video of. it
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