Steves Detector Rods -- who we are, and some details about our rods and shafts...
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Thread: Steves Detector Rods -- who we are, and some details about our rods and shafts...

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    Norman, OK
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    Check Steve's Detector Rods -- who we are, and some details about our rods and shafts...

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for visiting my vendor page!

    Steve's Detector Rods (; is a small business located in Norman, Oklahoma, founded in January 2018. Our goal at Steve's is to provide superior-quality, hand-crafted carbon-fiber metal detector rods and shafts. We specialize in providing one-on-one, friendly, and knowledgeable service, and we offer both "standard" rod and shaft configurations, as well as the ability to customize a rod/shaft design (travel rods, "tall-man" rods, colored carbon-fiber rods/shafts, etc.) for various individual customer needs.

    Our product lineup currently includes high-quality lower rods for Minelab CTX 3030 detectors, and the Equinox series, as well as complete carbon-fiber shafts for the Equinox 600/800.

    We also offer a number of optional, premium accessories, which include:

    1. A unique counterweighting system for our Equinox shafts, designed to improve the ergonomics of the Equinox by reducing the nose-heavy feel of the unit; these counterweights are custom-built, tailored to each customer's needs, and are available exclusively through Steve's Detector Rods
    2. "Herke" replacement arm cuffs for our Equinox shafts; for those of you familiar with Jeff's "Herke" cuffs, which Jeff has been producing for many years for a number of different detectors, you know that these are heavy-duty, black powder-coated aluminum cuffs that are a substantial upgrade over the stock cuffs. Optional, padded neoprene covers are also available for the Herke cuffs.

    As far as the rods and shafts themselves...

    All of Steve’s rods and shafts are constructed of top-quality, high-strength, lightweight 3K carbon-fiber tubes, and durable, engineering-grade plastic components. The rods and shafts are individually hand-assembled in the USA, using specially formulated, high-tech epoxies and adhesives.

    Our CTX 3030 and Equinox lower rods come in standard lengths of 32” and 26”, respectively, and are available in custom lengths, upon request; both rods include rubber washers.

    Our CTX 3030 lower rods include a short length of protective cable wrap to eliminate any potential for wear on the coil cable sheath where the cable enters the lower rod; additionally, Steve's CTX lower rod design includes a unique side-entry opening where the coil cable enters the rod, as opposed to on the bottom, as in other designs. This also helps to eliminate potential for wearing/rubbing of the coil cable sheath.

    Our Equinox lower rods are slightly longer than the stock rod -- 26" vs. 24 1/4" -- which permits more of the lower rod to remain inserted in the upper shaft when adjusted to your desired length. This results in improved stability when our lowers are used with the Minelab stock middle and upper shaft, as compared with the shorter, stock lower rod. Our Equinox rods also include a stainless-steel spring button, making them fully compatible with the stock Minelab shaft.

    Steve’s upper shafts for the Equinox are 35 Ĺ” long, and are nearly 30% lighter than the stock shaft. They include 4 cuff-adjustment holes and 1 control-box handle hole (with the holes in the same positions as on the stock shaft). With the elimination of the twist-lock joint which connects the upper and middle sections of the stock shaft, the result is a one-piece upper shaft that is a lightweight, durable, wobble-free alternative to the original, which substantially upgrades the fit and feel of the unit. The shaft comes in two basic configurations -- a "standard" configuration (with rubber end cap), and a "counterweight-ready" configuration, which includes a threaded insert installed into the butt-end of the shaft (plus matching, threaded end cap). The threaded insert permits attachment of the optional counterweight system, mentioned above, designed for those who wish to bring improved balance/ergonomic comfort to their Equinox.

    The Equinox upper shaft also features a heavy-duty clamp-type cam lock, with clamping tension adjustable as necessary via a convenient thumb screw. The cam lock is made of high-strength injection-molded plastic, while the thumb screw, along with the clamping lever axle and cam lock attachment screw, are all made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It might also be noted that the screw attachment design (as opposed to a glue-on design) permits easy removal/replacement of the cam lock, should such replacement ever be necessary.

    As a result of its superior clamping strength, "Steve’s" cam lock also permits elimination of the spring button holes in the shaft (though a shaft with button holes is available, as a custom option). The advantage of eliminating the button holes, is that lower rod adjustment lengths are therefore not limited to specific button-hole locations. Instead, easy and unlimited lower-rod adjustment length can be made by simply flipping open the clamping lever on the cam lock, sliding the lower rod to your desired position, and the closing the clamp – yielding fast, easy, and rock-solid attachment of the lower rod to the upper shaft.

    When the Equinox upper shaft is paired with one of Steve’s Equinox lower rods, the result is a complete replacement of the stock shaft -- that features the aesthetic appeal of carbon fiber, in a superior-strength, lightweight, wobble-free shaft system for your Minelab Equinox 600/800.

    With the addition of the optional counterbalancing system, and a Herke arm cuff, an Equinox complete shaft from "Steve's" offers a level of quality, innovation, and comfort that is unmatched. Combined with our friendly, customized one-on-one service, we believe that "Steve's" offers a product, and an experience, that is unavailable through any other manufacturer.

    Finally, should you ever have any need for after-the-sale service, you can count on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. "Steve's" is not a large, nameless/faceless company; instead, we are a small business run BY a passionate detectorist, FOR passionate detectorists. Our main objective will always be to provide high-quality, innovative, well-engineered products, whose designs find their roots in the field, where detecting occurs.

    If you would like to learn more about Steve’s carbon-fiber rods and shafts, please visit our website, at, or our business Facebook page at If you have questions, or would like to discuss placing an order, you can reach us via email, at, via Facebook message, or through PM here at TreasureNet.

    Thanks, and Happy Hunting!

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    Good morning Steve,
    I have been a member here on Treasurenet for I don't know how long.
    Awhile. I started detecting around 15+ years ago with a Radio Shack machine which lasted a little over a year.
    And then invested in a Whites MXT. And ended up with 2 additional coils for it.
    It has served me well but has needed work periodically, and now with Whites out of business Ive invested in a Minelab Equinox 800 underwater machine .
    I'm receiving the machine today but after reading all the reviews it's seems the only consistent complaint is the shaft.
    If I find it is a problem for ME, I will likely be contacting you about an "upgrade".
    And hoping you can help me.
    Is this the best way to communicate?

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    Jan 2011
    Norman, OK
    Minelab CTX 3030, Minelab Equinox 800
    1102 times
    Metal Detecting
    HCW -- thanks for contacting me. My apologies for the late reply; I'm on vacation; spent 19 hours in the car yesterday, and was packing, etc. the prior day, so I'm a bit late in responding.

    Anyway, I'd love to help you out with a new shaft, if you find that the stock shaft leaves a bit to be desired for your purposes.

    Yes, you can contact me here -- a PM is good because I get notified in my email that I have a PM. Sending an email directly to me also works well -- You can also Facebook message (



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    Jan 2011
    Norman, OK
    Minelab CTX 3030, Minelab Equinox 800
    1102 times
    Metal Detecting
    Hi all!

    Just an update, since this post was composed back in June of 2019. We now offer two-piece lower shafts for Garrett's AT/Ace line of detectors, and can custom build shafts for Minelab's Excalibur and Sovereign units. In addition to the standard black, we also offer ALL of our shafts in an array of different colors; attached below is a picture of some of the available colors (others may be available on request).

    Finally, we now are offering carbon-fiber sand scoop handles, for various sand scoops (including T-Rex, Stealth, and Xtreme scoops).

    Please contact us, at, or via PM here at T-Net, for more information.



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