The US Dollar - going downhill -- what will happen next
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    The US Dollar - going downhill -- what will happen next

    This is dire --The US Dollar is going down -many countries (of course China is a big player)--may not be the worlds main trading currency much longer(months away). Will result in hyper inflation for us here in the USA -- market crash , savings wiped out --USA will not be able to borrow money -easily as before . i have been seeing this on -of course this website main point is about investing in Silver but he does make a point with the logic .

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    Re: The US Dollar - going downhill -- what will happen next

    That is why you should have a diversified portfolio. Investments in one currency is just silly. An eggs in one basket sort of thing.

    In this global electronic world there is no reason not to have several bank accounts in foreign countries in the local currency. It is the same reason that investments should be a mix of foreign and domestic. Precious metals should also play a part in the diversified portfolio.

    The US's current policy is to go with a weak dollar, a weak dollar in the present economy is a good thing as it actually improves the trade deficit.

    With China and Japan as the largest investors in the US dollar it is not in there best interest to see the dollar plummet.

    As the universal medium of exchange in the world a collapse of the dollar would cause the entire worlds financial markets to collapse so I don't listen much to doom day criers.

    The US don't care much for "rebel" countries that decide to stop trading oil in dollar's.

    Iraq made that mistake and we had to go in and help those poor oppressed folks,lol

    Venezuela trades in Both Petroeuro's and Petrodollars and has become a diplomatic headache but without an overthrow ( google US-Venezuela relations) the US diplomatic community has to tolerate the wayword stepchild.

    Iran was scheduled to be wiped off the map because of their plans to switch to the euro and is currently still being tossed back and forth but are protected by China and their current petrointerest's, and effectively stopping the US to enforce petrodollar hegemony by force.
    Iran still has to deal with OPEC and the petrodollar and currently uses the petroeuro in select countries just to keep the pressure on the US.

    Even with a declining dollar I do not see hyperinflation in the near future. It would not be in the best interest of any country including Russia, China or Iran

    Diversify Is all I can say.
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