Anyone notice less units being up for auction?
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Thread: Anyone notice less units being up for auction?

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    Question Anyone notice less units being up for auction?

    Hi there I am just curious if its a local thing here or if there really are less auctions since the covid hit. My thinking is there is some potential legal barriers. Kinda like how tenants dont have to pay rent for a set amount of time because the state or gov said its ok. there is a term for it but i cant remember it.

    I imagine people are forced to not work or shut down their buisness and this would mean more defaulted storage units. but in fact, maybe just locally here, there are less units up for auction.

    pre- covid there was atleast 1 or 2 every couple of days within 40 mins of me. now i can search for weeks and not a single auction.

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    Depends on which state, city, or county you live in. I too have noticed fewer auctions, and I think there have been laws passed to defend the sale of someones storage unit or to be evicted from a residence, house or an apartment.
    I think this is a good thing, BUT not forever, because some people take advantage of such laws.
    We buy storage units. One (1) this year, usually about 10-12 per year. Been to O N E storage auction, and N O public auctions at an Auction House. C O V I D -1 9 !!
    We also do Flea/Swap Meets, and have done only one, Hwy 127, worlds longest, and made a few 000.
    I have a double axle trailer and a F-250 that has been loaded for a year, and not going anywhere until I get my S H O T !!!!
    She's 5 years younger than I, and she wants to see what my reaction is before she gets hers. I can't blame her, cause I'd be lost without her. Me, hell , I've drooled before, but haven't crapped in my britches in the last 73 years.
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    There are a lot of online auctions now in my area. I bought 10 lockers last month. When they started going all online prices were stupid for a couple months. Now they are back to crazy. That said last month I had 3 $10 lockers,1 $20, 1 $30, One $60, One $70 one $110, One 120 and one $210. One of the $10 lockers was great (60s vintage knitting machine and accessories in the locker) one good one poor the worst locker was the $210 locker all the others were at least break even. Found gold in 3 or 4 lockers not much but some and silver in a couple as well.
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