Brands of Metal Detectors
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    Brands of Metal Detectors

    I am new to the hobby, started Today actually...

    So, I just bought a Bounty Hunter Sharpshooter on eBay.

    This detector is equipped with 2 knobs, 1 for sensitivity and 1 for discrimination. Features an all metal mode button, auto notch button, notch button and discrimination button. Has an ID face that determines the item from foil to $1. Comes with a 4" Gold nugget coil that increases the sensitivity in finding gold and small items and an 8" open loop coil with cover protector.Also will get a canvas bag.
    What have I bought? and is it worth the $78.00 I'm paying for it?

    Any info appreciated!

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    Sep 2004
    Omaha, NE
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    Re: Brands of Metal Detectors

    Sounds to me like you did alright. Can't wait to see the posts of your finds. Talk to Onionhead or read some of his previous posts to get the optimum settings on your new detector. Don't get discouraged if you don't find a lot right away...practice makes perfect. Good luck and HH.
    It is better to try something and fail...Than to try nothing and succeed. Dr Robert Schuller
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    Re: Brands of Metal Detectors

    Looks good, sounds like a deal. Nice fatboy mines a softail custom check my post in the metal detecting forum at this site

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    Re: Brands of Metal Detectors

    Or is it? Is that shocks on the back? Dang! Wheres my reading glasses?

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    Mar 2005
    boston, ga
    discovery 1100
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    Re: Brands of Metal Detectors

    looks like you got a great deal!

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    Re: Brands of Metal Detectors

    its cheap really

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    Dave the - 219erman -

    Apr 2005
    E-Trac w/Pro Coil,and 6x8" S.E.F,The Relic & Gold hunters DREAM...a Troy X-3 w/3 coils
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    Re: Brands of Metal Detectors

    Yup,,,,Read the Manual,and go play...............Nice Price 2

    [size=30pt] Now I Will Hit That 2012 Silver  [/size]



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