Low-frequency squealing sound
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    Jun 2020
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    Low-frequency squealing sound

    Some time ago my son grabbed my metal detector and left for a short adventure in the woods but he told me about it afterwards. It was quite foggy and rainy that afternoon. When I turned the device on there was a low-frequency squealing sound, no reaction to metals, it would not turn off or stop squealing until the battery was removed. I took it home and opened it as much as possible. Then took a dryer and started to dry it. Surprisingly, the display turned on and the detector started to work properly so I put it together, checked the next morning and took it to the garage.
    But a few days ago when I wanted to turn it on, the problem reappeared , so I did the drying again and it worked. But the problem doesn't disappeared. It is repeating all the time: I turn it up, dry it, it works, but after a few hours when pressing POWER button you can hear a squeal and then it switches on with a considerable delay. The next day after it is switched on you can only hear that low-frequency squeal which persists even when the detector switches on. Does anyone know what to do with it?
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    Call Garrett, I bet they will want you to send it in for service.



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