Coil Question ?
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    Mar 2005
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    Coil Question ?

    The bounty hunter quick draw I got for a present has a 8" coil with the large outter ring and the small inside ring. My question might be dumb but when you get a signal is it in the middle of the small ring or on the big ring ? It seems to vary & sometimes I dig off the mark. I'am still learnig about all this. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Coil Question ?

    I have a BH Discovery 2200, with the same coil.. I find the pinpoint is right smack in the middle of the hole in the centre.. When you get a signal, just move the coil back and forth, left and right, slowly... You will find the center just about X's the find...

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    Re: Coil Question ?

    I have the same type of coil on my BH.? I emailed the company and asked the same question.? They said in the center of the hole is where the targer should be.? Here is a copy of the email they sent me:

    1. Once a buried target is indicated by a good tone response, continue sweeping the search coil over the target in a narrowing side-to-side pattern.
    2. Take visual note of the place on the ground where the "beep" happens as the search-coil is slowly moved side-to-side.
    3. Stop the search-coil directly over this spot on the ground.
    4. Now move the search-coil straight toward and away from you a few times.
    5. Again make a visual note of the spot on the ground at which the "beep" occurs.
    6. If needed, "X" the target at different angles to "zero in" on the exact spot on the ground at which the "beep" occurs.?

    Note:? The target will always be in the center of the search coil.

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    Mar 2005
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    Re: Coil Question ?

    Thanks for the help & info.



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