New and need some advice!!
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    Mar 2010

    New and need some advice!!

    Hello All!
    I'm new to this site, and already I feel welcome! Just had a quick question and hope I can get some useful information. In the area I live in, there are a lot of churches that were built in the 18th and 19th centuries, and I'm dying to do some coinshooting there! Problem is, I have no idea who I am supposed to go to, to get permission to search the grounds. Should I go to the town hall in that specific town? Or maybe to the church directly and talk to the priest/minister? And would it help my odds of getting a "yes" if I were to offer either some profit of my findings or maybe a donation to the church? I willing to do whatever to get a yes! Any open advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time!

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    Re: New and need some advice!!

    I always go to the church minister and have never been turned down. I usually tell him how careful I will be and demonstrate how to cut and replace a plug if he wishes. I also know that some really old churches are places of historical significance and are off limits, but usually they will have a sign stating same. Monty
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