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    Mar 2010
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    Re: Water and sand traps

    Quote Originally Posted by angel_09
    Japanese treasures are burried with water trap, sand trap, vialled chemicals, chemicals in drum, century bomb string activated and other deadly items. If a hunter does not have any valid treasure map from who burried it, it is almost near to impossible to get the treasure. these map are written in kanji, an old japanese language and dechipering it is not easy. I have once a book that have most of the symbols written in japanese characters, but its validity is uncertain to me. As I understand treasures with this kind of traps are big volume, say not less than 5 tons and more. In my experience, water trap comes within 12 to 18 feet, and once it is opened the flow of water is almost unstoppable. The in rush of water and its volume is more than enough to barred the hole.
    I think the maps are written in Kanji, Kana, Hirigana, and Katakana.
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    Re: Water and sand traps

    Im curious, if it is so hard to get to, how was the original person that made this thing going to get the treasure themselves? Same for Oak Island....
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    Re: Water and sand traps


    If the 10 to 12 inch pipe/tunnel water inlet has so little water in it that you can crawl inside, as you said, then the water inflow rate is relatively low compared to what it would be if the pipe/tunnel was full.

    Also, if you can crawl into it, you can get way back in there and plug it with some kind of valve device, possibly of your own manufacture. Some design which would have the water pressure anchor it even deeper and tighter into the sides of the pipe/tunnel.

    If the ground surrounding the pipe/tunnel is too soft to hold any plug, then you will soon have a sink hole in the vicinity, as seen in this National Geographic link---


    Have you thought that maybe the water pipe/tunnel itself might actually be the entrance to the treasure vault?
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    Re: Water and sand traps

    Can someone explain how a sand trap or water trap is made? I really dont get the whole idea, seems like the oak island fairy tale. Is there anyone on this site that would bury a treasure by these methods? I must be very negative, but when someone mentions "lack of money", I get that strange feeling inside. If I had a treasure under my house, I would never go on a treasure site and ask how to recover it, and wouldnt have time to sit at a computer asking and answering questions. I dont have enough imagination for these great hunts, so guess I will go back to the tot lot and find some nickles.

    I still would like to know how it is possible to build a trap like this, especially if there is an army atacking at the same time.

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    Jul 2012
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    Just reading this thread....im guessing no further progress was made?

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    Nov 2004
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    It seems to me that somebody is just looking for financing.{get rich scheme} Why are you people bothering with this thread?


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