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Thread: T2 settings for civil war relic hunting in wooded areas

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    Aug 2008

    T2 settings for civil war relic hunting in wooded areas

    After ground balancing the detector, how would you set it up for this kind of hunt? How many times?
    Thanks everyone.

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    Just Some Dude

    Feb 2015
    T2,G2+,Patriot, Omega 8500, Land Ranger Pro,TekPoint...plus many more tested and reviewed.
    1686 times
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    Depends on the area...farm land...river bed....plains...rocky terrain...sandy....etc etc.... There are so many ways and methods to dig a relic site no two answer will be alike. Some guys will All Metal it to death and do perfect grid patterns...others will try to cherry pick it never to return. Some will go dig top layer trash first then go for the deep stuff after that.

    You can set disc to 10-20 to get rid of most nails but still get larger iron....40 to get rid of all iron. Not that "all" iron is ever eliminated. You will get round iron and washers that ring up like silver. Just have to deal with it for the most part.

    I would dig anything above 40 myself at any relic site. I prefer 3 tones myself...but many prefer 2+.

    I'll assume not much EMI if any....so 80-90 sens should be attainable unless in nasty soil or a hot rock infested area. Best of luck at it.
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    Proud member of the Wolfpack!!!

    Oct 2007
    Middle Tennessee
    I have used several different models from the 5 major brands but now mainly just a Fisher F 75 LTD SE plus a Tesoro Silver Sabre uMax
    53 times
    I run 2 plus on tones and disc out iron. dig everything above iron. Run sens up as high as you can. Have fun!!
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    Charter Member
    Never outgrew playin' in the dirt!

    Aug 2016
    SC Lowcountry
    XP Deus /Teknetics T2 Classic/Garrett Pro Pointer II
    304 times
    Relic Hunting
    I have a T2 Classic and concentrate on relic hunting. I'll usually keep my disc at around 10-20 and dig everything. Even though I pick up the iron, Colonial , Rev War and Civil War era sites can yield some pretty cool finds. One of my favorite areas to hunt I did dial it up above 40. It was an old railroad road bed and I was just worn out from digging old railroad spikes all day!

    Because the areas I detect have a pretty good variety of soil types I have to adjust my Sens up or down some depending on the area. I usually can't go above 90 without getting some false targets, especially in our red clay areas. Usually I keep it at around 80-85. I'd strongly recommend rechecking your ground balance if you you notice you're digging in a different soil type then where you originally set it. I average 40-50 range on GB in most areas but have run into some places that it finally balanced as high as low 70's. I also run 2+ tones.

    I'll freely admit I haven't been running any all metal modes yet in the field due to my inexperience with the machine. I'm still getting that side of it figured out, playing around with it around the yard. If anyone responds to your request with tips/info on that mode..I'm all ears too!
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    Mar 2009
    Columbia falls Montana
    Minelab Sov GT Explorer XS Tesoro Vaq t2se x705
    1352 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    2+ 0disc and dig everything not iron.

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    Sep 2013
    Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
    GPX5000, AT Gold, AT Pro, Whites TDI, Bandido 2 umax, Tejon & Compadre
    1093 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by dirtscratcher View Post
    2+ 0disc and dig everything not iron.
    And even the bigger iron is worth checking out!
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    Apr 2011
    Garret Ace 250, Garret AT Pro, Garret Pro Pointer
    204 times
    Relic Hunting
    I'm thinking about buying a T2 how are you liking it?

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    May 2011
    2323 times
    This is a very interesting vid on hunting in all metal.

    "I intend to live forever. So far, so good!".
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    Aug 2007
    Colonie, NY , That's around Albany
    Teknetics Omega 8000, T2 ltd.
    201 times
    Relic Hunting
    I'm new to my T2, actually on the way to me, but I don't understand when you guys mention "I run it 2+"
    I will never, EVER, broadcast about all the gold I have found.

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    Chronic Patriot/Metal Detecting,it`s My Lifestyle !

    Jul 2010
    "Kan-a-we-o-la" Head on a Pole N.Y. Seneca Territory of The Six Nations 1779 Montour Falls N.Y.
    XP Deus, T2 LTD Land or Sea Pointer Garrett Pointer Treasure Wise Diggers T10",T12" & T14" Lesche 28" Ground shark
    3978 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    2+ is tone one tone Low Growl for Iron.... and another Tone High Squeal for Non Ferrous = the good stuff sometimes !
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    I`v been detecting for 48 years owned my own detector shop G.A.P. Metal Detectors here in N.Y.
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    I hunt the Sullivan Trail here in N.Y.
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