T2 tones for thr the tone deaf
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Thread: T2 tones for thr the tone deaf

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    Nov 2014
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    T2 tones for the tone deaf

    Hi all, I am soon will be a proud owner of a T2LTD, I have been swinging an ATPRO for a 1 1/2 years, so I would not be what you would call an experienced detector but i did get used to the tones of it. I have got to the stage where I can detect by tone alone with out looking at the VDI to tell me what I am passing the coil over, I can tell the difference of a zinc penny to a copper penny and a clad 1/4 to a silver quarter.

    Now I believe the ATPRO has what they call a modulated tone which I also believe works on the conductivity of the coin, when I am over a silver target I know by the tone it is silver before I even dig it, it just sounds softer, smoother and sweeter then any clad coin, this goes the same for dimes as well. This works at deeper depths too, last one found was a Rosie at 7 inches that whispered to me ( I love whispers)

    My question is for all you experienced T2 users, would I hear the same sort of difference on the T2? or is purely the same tone and use the VDI numbers?

    The ATPRO has only the one tone mode (I don't count coin mode, that's for newbies and kid's, why they had that on the machine is beyond me) where as the T2 has 1/2 a dozen tone modes which I am looking forward to experimenting with.

    As always thanks for looking and HH.
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    Jul 2010
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    The T2 has a mode called DP Delta Pitch 1 tone for every number so 100 tones, just one of many modes .
    The owners manual will explain all the modes.
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