Seeking opinions on the depth reporting systems of the Alpha 2000 and EuroTek.
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    Seeking opinions on the depth reporting systems of the Alpha 2000 and EuroTek.

    Greetings !

    I'm making up a spread sheet to compare Specifications for the subject Teknetics metal detectors.

    The Alpha 2000 is selling for $169.00 w/coupon and the Eurotek $159.00 w/coupon on the Teknetics website

    I'm researching this for someone else, with a low budget, who might like to try one of these digital screen models with numerical and graphics displays.

    My inquiry today concerns the depth indicators on these two detectors, and more specifically I'm seeking opinions on which reporting system would be favored, pros and cons, etc. as thoughts come to your mind from actual field experience with either, or better yet, experience with both models.

    Reviewing Specifications and images on the Teknetics website, I gathered info. as follows:

    Alpha 2000 has a numeric depth display and the photo image of the Alpha console shows a number 5 on the depth display , but nothing is further stated as to whether this is the maximum depth this detector will report, although I do think they would have used the max. depth number for marketing appeal. Anyhow, all I could find was the paragraph pasted below from page 14 of the Operator Manual pdf, which doesn't explicitly answer the question I'm implying here. Maybe someone viewing this post can provide the answer.

    DEPTH INDICATOR (Alpha 2000): The Depth Indicator is accurate for coin-sized objects. It indicates the depth of the target, in inches. Large and irregularly-shaped objects will yield less reliable depth readings. When passing over an object, the indicators will light up and stay illuminated for three seconds. If the depth indication varies with each sweep, try sweeping at different angles; there may be more than one target present. With practice, you will learn the difference between accurate readings, multiple targets, and highly erratic readings which evidence trash or irregularly shaped objects.

    EuroTek has a 3-Segment Depth Indicator image on the console screen and page #15 of the Operator Manual pdf shows the following attached image showing examples of depth bar readings indicating (3"), (3"- 6") and (6"), along with instructions and asterisk marks indicating provisos. This seems to be well depicted and explained, so I have no question about this model's depth reporting, except to say that since there are so many variables for the circuitry to contend with, depth reporting on any brand and model is only an approximation, nevertheless, I personally believe the information is helpful.

    Thanks for your opinions !
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