T2 Classic After Market Coils
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Thread: T2 Classic After Market Coils

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    Oct 2016
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    T2 Classic After Market Coils

    IYHO other then stock coil for the T2, for a larger coil what is the lightest and deepest with most seperation you can recommend based on company, size, construction, again looking for least weight, depth, seperation and of course decent price. I noticed the Tecknetics 15" although maybe heavy is now $55.00 would this be worth while OR spend more to look for something else aftermarket? Farm fields, old/historic homestead mostly hunting.

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    Feb 2017
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    The factory 15" is rediculous heavy. I think the best all around for a big coil when it comes to depth, weight and seperation the NEL Tornado is hard to beat. I dug a true 12" deep large cent this winter with mine on my f75. I wasted the money on the fisher 15". Got rid of it after a few hunts.
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    Yea, I've got a F75 LTD. and a Tornado for it. It is a super coil. Downside is EMI. The coil is so large it is better suited for fields or open woods away from power lines plus it's lighter than my NEL Storm used on the AT PRO. Good luck.
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    Oct 2016
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    Current:T2, Compadre, Vaquero, and 300i. Past:Whites 4000 D Series 3, Radio Shack 3001 Micronta
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    Yeah I was wondering over the Nel Tornado on it's size vs the Mars Tiger from which I heard is not to far off the T2 stock anyways so with the Nel extra "2 gain on the coil over the Mars but vs weight can't be all that much more, I was hoping to have some folks debate more over these two coils more so and slug it out on this post.

    Thanks for posting hope to hear more.

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    Mar 2018
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    I would definitely recommend the mars Tiger coil. I have one on my T2+ and it works great. WAY less emi issues for sure. Its larger than the stock coil but still very sensitive to small objects. Its also lighter than the stock coil. The only negative i could possibly say about it is the price. It is a little more expensive than the other coils its size but i believe it was worth it. It is also built extremely well. It comes with a coil cover but the only reason i use it is because i hunt mostly in the woods and i want to keep it looking nice.

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    doggoneit, the performance is virtually the same in these 14 and 15 inch coils mentioned. Its the same science at the end of the day so it becomes more about types and kinds of materials used in manufacturing. If the Fisher/Teknetics coils is that inexpensive then go for it. weight or not, your only talking ounces in weight difference despite what some will say. Again its a similar shape and style and collectively is made almost the same way. Differences are in the type of plastics size of copper wire and shielding used in the different products. rook has a great point with EMI problems in parks and city locations, you can't crank the coil for its intended use because of all the interference it will find. large coils are more for the sweep width not depth when used.
    Good luck!!
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