Another ground balance question...
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    Another ground balance question...

    I previously posted a very similar question on the X-Tera forum section and had no response. I have read other posts referring to Ground Balance but non answered my particular question.

    I recently purchased a X-tera 305 and am really enjoying getting back into THing. I finally went to a SW beach today to give it a try. For what it's worth the beach is mostly hard clay with a shallow covering of fine gravel, 1"-6". I was satisfied with its performance in the wet gravel, I dug enough small non-ferrous targets to know the 305 was working as I had hoped for on these fairly shallow targets.

    I'm a little perplexed though, when used on dry land my 305 GBs at #3. On the wet beach I was expecting it to balance out at a much higher number. It did not, it stayed at 3 ??

    So, after GBing on the wet salty beach (assuming more there is more mineralization present) should the GB numbers have gone up or down?




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