Greek series and the Cors Strike
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    Jul 2018
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    Greek series and the Cors Strike

    I purchased a cors strike and a cors shrew for tek Greek detectors. The strike is intended to be a double duty coil for field/pasture relic hunting on the gold bug pro and also deep coins on the omega 8000. The shrew is for the gbp and not really meant for the omegas hunts.

    Hereís my problem, and hopefully someone has some input here...
    My omega 8000 v4 performs really well with the 10x5 tek dd coil. I had high hopes for the cors strike on this machine. Only to find out thatís itís quite noisy, much more so than the 10x5. After some basic testing in 4 locations, using fresh buried coins at 8Ē, it wonít hit them. Not in d3. I have to use d1 with sens 70+. I can use notch and disc to alleviate noise and it still struggles. Put the 10x5 back on and it will get the coins in d3. It can not use ground grab in disc mode, it overloads, in all metal is grabs very low, so I adjust it manually. Itís audio on a coin sized target is terrible. BUT it will air test great!? Like when itís to the dirt itís messed up, it will low tone on a 8Ē quarter and a 8Ē copper penny is silent.

    HERE IS THE BEST PART! When I put this coil on the gbp(g2) itís a total freakin peach. Amazing depth and stability.

    So what have I done wrong? Or is the strike meant for the 8500? Itís listed as all Greek machines and just says omega it doesnít specify a version or model. Iím bummed.

    So what coil should I be looking at to perform as intended on this omega?

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    History hunter

    Jul 2018
    Alabama from Iowa
    Makro Multi Kruzer Teknetics T2 SE Teknetics Omega 8000 V4 Fisher Gold Bug Pro Tesoro Vaquero Tesoro Compadre
    582 times
    Relic Hunting
    I’ve emailed the manufacturer a day ago and haven’t heard back. But I did also call the dealer I bought it from and talked to a guy about my experience. He is speculating, along with me, that it’s for an 8500. So be forewarned, unless told different by the manufacturer, this coil likely is not compatible with an 8000. At least not v4.

    Dealers website says 8500. Manu website says “omega”. Other threads have stated there is total compatibility between machines. In the aftermarket, it would seem a change has been made, at least on the strike, that doesn’t sit well with the 8000.

    Doesn’t seem like many people will care as I’ve gotten zero feed back here or the other places I’ve mentioned it.

    Now I’m scared to buy ANY aftermarket coil for it.

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