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Thread: AT Pro vs T2

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    AT Pro vs T2

    I just got done reading an old thread on the subject but a lot of posts talk about other detectors and it was confusing. So let me express my opinion on both since I own both and I guess new people want to know the difference between the AT-Pro and T-2. I own both The AT Pro and the T2 LTD.

    The T-2 is a bit more complicated to setup correctly than the ATP but both take a minute or 2 to set up.

    Both are great units and will go deep. Both have a different modes for different hunting.

    The ATP is much more stable on the beach and is so good (if set right) you will think it's turned off. The T-2 is a chatter box.

    The T-2 is lighter but not water proof.

    The ATP needs special headphones where the T-2 uses common 1/4" phones. (you can buy an adapter to use 1/4" for the ATP)

    I find the ATP easier to pinpoint targets and it seems to have a better setup for that. The ATP screen shows when you are right over the target.

    The ATP has only 1 mode for different tones Std. coin where the T-2 has 5 or 6 which makes hunting easier because you can tell by the sound what is down there and then check the numbers instead of watching the screen constantly.

    The ATP has battery holders which can be bought anywhere cheap and really clip in tight. The T-2 doesn't and is a pain to load/unload the 4 batteries and should a spring/clip break it's back to the factory. (a common problem for Teknetics from the beginning starting with the 9000 model with 14 batteries.)

    There are more coil options for the ATP

    The T-2 is easy to turn off/on and has a volume control. The ATP is a pain to turn off/on and has no volume control. It uses the mode button for different functions.

    The ATP seems to lock on to targets better.

    The T-2 has a longer stem. I'm only 5'10" but the ATP makes me bend over and the T-2 is longer and more comfortable.

    The ATP has a smaller screen and I need to wear my reading glasses to see it. The T-2 is larger and brighter and easier to see.

    Both last around the same time on 4 batteries and can use regular or rechargeable batteries.

    All in all IF I had to chose only ONE it would be the ATP but the T-2 has it's value also and depends what's important to you. If I'm going to the beach the ATP comes along. If I'm heading to a trashy park it's the T-2 and if I'm searching an open clean field both come along. You really can't go wrong with either one.
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