Golden 然ax Notch ???
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    Sep 2008

    Golden 然ax Notch ???

    I have used my Golden for one season. I bought it used and love it. I hunt in threshold as well as all metal. The four tones eventually become clear and distinguishable. However, I have yet to figure out the notch feature. I would greatly appreciate some instruction on this.
    Thanks, Elwood.
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    Re: Golden 然ax Notch ???

    Elwood, think of the notch as a "moving doorway" that allows you to dial in extra disc to a select group of targets. Like on my Tejon, I have bobby pins and small nails disc with normal disc. Then the detector sounds off on all above this conductivity. Then while scanning a pull tab I turn the Notch knob till the pull tab is reduced and from then on it will respond to just above nails to nickels and not sound off on pull tabs but still sound off on coins or items that have more conductivity than pull tabs. Hope this helps.
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    Mar 2011

    Re: Golden 然ax Notch ???

    Elwood I am no expert at all but this is what I found.

    Using Notch set on wide knocks out everything between a Nickle and a true copper penny. You often lose Zinc Pennies.

    Using notch on narrow knocks out everything between Nickle and Zinc Pennies.

    I usually tune my disc knob to just below Nickles. I then set my Notch to hit good on a nickle. I use mine on Narrow because I want to find all the money including Zinc Pennies. It is frustrating to me and leaves doubt when I see a Zinc Penny laying on top and my Machine doe not pick it up.

    Setting up like this knocks out most of the pull tabs.

    If you get tired of Pull Tabs like I do sometimes, just set the Notch to the middle being Off and move your Disc knob to just below a zinc penny. This knocks out all Nickles, Jewlrey, and Pull tabs. Every signal you get will then be a Coin.

    All things are not guaranteed, occasionally you will still get a misshaped pull tab sneak in just like on Notch, but most of them are eliminated. Remember rings and Pull Tabs are essentially the same. Hope this helps. This is a scale showing where the notch hits.

    Wide Notch Null
    Beep Notch Notch Beep Beep
    Nickle Pull Tab Zinc Penny Copper Penny Dime

    Narrow Notch Null
    Beep Notch Beep
    Nickle Pull Tab Zinc Penny

    Hope this helped you!!!

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    Re: Golden 然ax Notch ???

    When in Notch mode turn Notch Width fully CCW to knock out more lighter stuff (tab tails). Also turn Threshold down too. The Notch mode and the regular Disc mode can both be used at the same time. Notch Mode will still detect ladies gold rings, but no heavy gold rings.



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