Tewsoro Vaquero High Tone?
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Thread: Tewsoro Vaquero High Tone?

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    Sep 2019
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    Tesoro Vaquero High Tone?

    How do you tell if a Vaquero is high tone or not?
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    There is no "High" or "Low" tone. It is the QUALITY of the tone. Is it "bell" like with clean edges, or are the edges more "buzzy" or ragged? Takes time to learn the diff!
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    May 2013
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    Sure there is Terry, at one time you could send your Cibola or Vaquero back to Tesoro, and if it was under warranty, they would modify it for the high tone for $15 bucks, $50 out of warranty.

    tag1260, there's several you tube videos of what a high tone Cibola and Vaquero sound like. As to how to tell, I assume you just have to turn one on. I assume the hobbyists can easily modify one, I didn't search for the instructions.

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    May 2011
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    Here is my Vaq with the high tone.
    I was demonstrating the wiggle and pull back pinpointing technique for somebody.
    I ordered the high tone because i thought I would enjoy it more with the higher tone and it was fine until I got a Compadre and discovered I like the lower tones better.
    However, I never sent it in to have it changed because over any foil from small to large that annoying buzzing sound made me grit my teeth every time.
    My lower tone Compadre and Mojave don't sound the same.
    A little superpower it had, for me and my hearing, anyway.

    Watch the video and compare it to a million low tone Vaq vids out there.

    I just saw you own a Compadre, too...the low tone on the Vaq is a bit lower than the Compadre.
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    Sep 2019
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    Thanks. Looks like mine is a standard tone version.

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    The high-tone is quite a bit higher than the standard version. I had my standard sent in and converted about two years ago. Since I’d quit using it, my high-tone Vaquero got sold during my downsizing. Still have a high-tone Cibola though.

    I prefer the high-tone to the standard tone - I just hear it better. Been using my Tejon more lately; yes, with the tone set high (it’s adjustable on a Tejon).
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    Jul 2016
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    Seems even at the highest on Tejon or with high tone mod on cibola or vaq, still not as high as the older machines like the b2 or Cutlass umax.
    Still rather my vaq and cibola had the high tone mod.
    Was going to sent the cibola in but Allen told me they'd completely reverse my GB mod and restore to factory and charge me for parts to do so.... So I didn't do it lol.
    Wonder how easy it is. Just a component change on the board? Different speaker?
    I notice my outlaw is normal on speaker but high pitched in headphones.... Weird

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    Mar 2016
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    Various Tesoro - mostly Bandido II μMAX
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    If I remember correctly, the big chip on my modded Vaquero had a sticker on it that read “high”. I think Tesoro swapped the big chip out on them. Guessing those are programmed with the different tone (?).
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