Just bought a nice used Black Tejon
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Thread: Just bought a nice used Black Tejon

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    Jul 2016
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    Just bought a nice used Black Tejon

    Haven't posted in a while really but still been reading the forums and answering private messages of anyone asking about any detectors I own and stuff.
    Been wanting a Tejon for a long time, but never wanted to pull the trigger since I have so many.
    Well after the news of Tesoro closing its doors, I got on the prowl.
    The initial cost of the Tejon new seemed a bit steep before but considering that the warranty is pointless, I went to the used market.
    Found a gentleman getting rid of his black Tejon with a 9x8 and a 5.75 with extra lower rod and we made a deal.
    He said he got it a year or so ago (maybe 1.5-2) from a friend who bought it new 3-4 months prior to him taking it off his hands when he was strapped for cash.
    Pics looked a little dirty but all in all a nice looking machine, almost new once I blow the dirt out of the bezel of the faceplate lol.
    Looks like the 9X8 is either an older coil (although I have seen black ones for sale with that coil) so it has some scratching on it. I asked the seller and he did say his buddy swapped could or something and liked that one better.
    I already have the 11x8 so it wasn't a big deal. And at over half of new pricing with the 5.75 concentric and lower rod (which I can't find lower rods anymore :-(....) I thought it was a good deal and we both walked away happy.
    I know I'm late to the party and everyone seems to have gone home but I just wanted to share I added it to my stable.
    I always like the idea of dual disc on it and could maybe just set them differently and avoid the "tesoro roll" but I'm sure I still will do that.
    Will be nice to set it above iron and then set alt disc to another setting to see if it's either between the two or above the second alt disc setting.

    I do worry a bit about my tesoros since I don't know of any way to have them repaired or even looked at. But they seem to be pretty bulletproof machines that even with some hard use still keep ticking.

    Hope everyone is well. It's still freezing here in the mitten so I'll be playing with it inside. Seller said nothing wrong with it at all that he could see and he loved using it. Just downsizing and moving or something.

    Happy hunting, or for anyone else in northern US, happy air testing inside the warm house!!!
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    Delta coils: 11x8DD, 5.75 Con, 10" elliptical

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    Congrats on the new machine! I love the Tejon for depth and simplicity.
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    Feb 2017
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    Nice machine! Just sold mine today. I got too many sitting here collecting dust. Gotta liquidate!
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