Compadre / Ahmad / Mojave ?
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Thread: Compadre / Ahmad / Mojave ?

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    Compadre / Ahmad / Mojave ?

    Considering a compadre (if I can find one) for cherry picking coin shooting. Will it discriminate out pull tabs and still hit on coins (except for nickels)? How about the Umax, Mojave or others? That’s supposed to be Umax not Ahmad. Don’t know how autocorrect came up with that��. Couldn’t edit the title.
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    Ok incant exactly comment on the tab question, but I do want to specify that umax (said micromax because eif the symbol which I can't type is a whole series of detectors.
    If you mean the silver umax, then it's a little different that the compadre and mojave.
    The silver umax runs at 10khz so it responds well to high conductors a little better than the compadre and mojave in theory than the compadre and mojave at 12khz.
    Now where the compadre really shines is small gold. Obviously ymmv depending on which size coil you choose on your compadre. They come in 5.75 and 8" hard wired variety and an older model that had a thicker 7" white coil.
    The Mojave I prefer to think if as a compadre with changeable coils, ground switch if you find some mineralized ground, and a sensitivity knob
    Whether the Mojave has the same "magic" as the compadre I don't know yet in my experience.
    Be careful with coil changes on the Mojave, or any other non GB knob machine, because too much bigger or smaller and it may not work properly because there is no fully manual ground balance to adjust to the coil. But you can safely go down to a 5.75 or up to a 8" donut, however I have never found the need to use any other coil but the precision coil it comes with.
    Depending on where you live and the ground you have will have more importance on which to choose. If you have mineralized ground like in Arizona as and example ingot from Rusty Henry, you will need the Mojave because of the ground switch or a machine with a ground balance knob.
    But without getting into too many technicalities i consider the Mojave to be a compadre with extra features.
    Another thing that you may find interesting is that the compadre and mojave have closer to 180 discrimination. The silver umax has more like 120 discrimination.
    What that means is this. 180 disc at minimum will sound off on just about any type of metal. 120 disc at minimum will already block out some iron and other very low conductors.
    Depending on how you look at it both can be good. With 120 disc you can hunt at minimum and get all but small iron. Huge chunks will still ring in
    180 you would have to add some disc to block out nails.
    Relic hunting 180 would be better if hunting for small relics.
    Sorry if I confused you but tried to give you the best answer I could.
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    --Vaquero 9x8
    --Cibola w/ GB and toggle all metal mod 9x8
    --Compadre 8"
    --Compadre 5.75"

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