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Thread: Dream hunt

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    Dream hunt

    the following hunt is from my late grand father he called it his dream hunt.... i like to share this dream ....he kept telling me to fly into the ghost town of may creek before the summer season walk south to the old mine area at the mouth of rex creek ...follow the rex creek trail to the 1965 USGS trail up the side of Mount Holmes to the Rex creek glacier ...he told me at the end of the trail is where the last bore holes are a pile of stones ..that not far from where the glacier was in 1965 ...will i only wish i could go on this hunt but am to old now ...he told me to put his ashes under that rock pile and my shovel and equipment when i was done leave with trash and nuggets only.... he warned me of 2 things .. #1 he told me Rex creek becomes very dangerous when the sun over the glacier # 2 hands and pans only ....he told me around the glacier its virgin soil today ....well i hope this dream not forgotten now grand dad Holmes RIP
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    666: this sounds exciting. Might i ask what age you are ? what state or country is this May Creek is in > MerryChristmas also
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    Gare ...May creek is the last gold rush town 1901 in the territory of Alaska as far as i know it became a ghost town in the year 2004... its where copper was found on the largest scale ever ... leading to the discovery of kenicott mine ....if i remember the stories correct when walter was a young man he went west looking for gold in this last gold rush in alaska he lived in may creek and was in charge of the mine there my grand dad told me that walter was the most liked because of his home made alcohol so both mining towns had alcohol when the rest of the country was dry .. i remember the nuggets were big as beavers story ....its a 6000 ft climb up Mount Holmes to the glacier am way to out of shape and to old for that ...grand dad thought a few hundred happy miners name that mountain after Walter but who knows ....so to any one that wants to make the climb up that creek in search of those muskrats nuggets that got away good luck
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    I can only dream
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