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    Feb 2005
    Spring Hill, Florida
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    small park small finds

    I went to a very small park this morning that I haven't been to in about 3-4 years. It has one ball field, a library and behind the library is a small stage where they put on little shows. I did manage to find several dimes but not one quarter. I didn't find much but what the hey.... a little is better than nothing. At least I am able to get out there while a lot of you gng's are stuck inside! I've been watching the weather up north and it looks bad!

    I ended up with 85 cents in clad, a nail, a big nut, a zipper pull, a metal bead of some sort and a handful of my usual pulltabs and junk.

    Garrett GTI 1500, CZ-20, White's Dual PI, Bounty Hunter QD II, Ace 250, Determination & persistence!

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    Re: small park small finds

    Getting out is a huge accomplishment in my book.
    Congrats getting out and on the finds.


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    Re: small park small finds



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    Oct 2004
    Leetonia Ohio
    minelab xterra 70,whites xlt,minelab quattro
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    Re: small park small finds

    Like you said,at least you got out! Anyday treasure hunting is better than staying at home. Beats those winter blues

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    Apr 2007
    God's lap
    X-terra 70 ACE 250
    72 times

    Re: small park small finds

    Glad you are still getting out pretty lady! Bobby was threatening to get me one of those two box cache detectors so I could detect through all of the snow out here. lol There is not THAT much! rofl I am a cold weather wimp though and when it is 7 degrees like this morning I prefer to stay warm! Congrats on getting out there and hoping you find lots of goodies soon!!

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    Jun 2007
    garrett 1500-ace 250-garrett ads groudhog deepseeker
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    Re: small park small finds

    nice hunt. at least you are getting out to hunt.

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    Jul 2005
    Close enough to the beach
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    Re: small park small finds

    Congrats on the finds Mumszie. It was a gorgeous day for hunting or............ working.
    Time is nothing, timing is everything.

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    Mar 2003
    Eastern North Carolina
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    Re: small park small finds

    hi mumzie wtg on getting out today, sometimes those small places yield big surprises

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    Sep 2007
    N. San Diego County
    Ace 250
    42 times
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    Re: small park small finds

    Thats right. At least you were able to get out. Be carefull what you say about us in the Arctic or I'll have to cast a spell and send some more of that stuff south HH Ron

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    Apr 2006
    Bellevue, WA
    Minelab Explorer SE, Tesoro TigerShark
    21 times

    Re: small park small finds

    nice job!!! Clad is better then a bunch of pull tabs anyday!
    Anyone can make life interesting you just have to go out there and do things instead of sitting on your butt doing nothing. Second quote: Life is about trying new things not just standing around.

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    Jul 2004
    Shelbyville or any yard where the owner will let me detect!
    ace 250
    195 times
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    Re: small park small finds

    that clad adds up and getting outside to detect in december is a plus...



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