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    Oct 2004
    Washington State
    8 times

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Wow that's a bunch of Silver and nice gold. Glad you had such a good weekend.
    White's DFX

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    AK in KY

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Nice loot. Still looking for my first gold. But won't find it cause I don't dig tabs HH

    AK in KY

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    Aug 2005
    North Central,PA
    2 times

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Do you two ever have a bad day....Congrats on your finds...Bobbie's jewerly box is really filling up...


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    Sep 2005
    White's MXT, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Whites MXT Pro
    10 times

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by Gigisdiamonds
    You guys always amaze me with what GREAT finds you come up with!? Looks like you did it again!
    What do you really give credit to? Digging everything? Where you dig? The richer side of town? A great metal detector? How long you are out ? And what do you do with all your treasures? Sell them or save them , or have them melted down? Do you have a scale? I'm interested in a low priced, but good one , if you have one would you please tell me what you have? I have been collecting junk jewelry for a while now, for the gold and silver although I know sliver is not worth much now. So I just wonder what ideas others have when they are really getting somewhere with their collecting. And you tow sure do get some great finds and a lot of them! I know if I where to send my collection to a smelter it has to have a certain weight. But i forget what that is. But i would like to see how much I do have and just how much each piece weights.

    Anyone else that reads this is free to jump in and let me know your thoughts on what to do, when you have amounted a good size collection of junk jewelry. I KNOW I won't sell to a pawn shop....I have done and they just rip you off!!!
    Check out I haven't tried them yet, but it sounds easy enough to use them...

    Thanks for your reply!?
    HH? Gigi

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    Dec 2005
    Kansas City, Mo.
    1 times

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Nice job! Congrats

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    Nov 2005
    Murphy, N.C.
    3 times

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Those are some great finds to start the New Year off on. Looks like you had a great day MDing. Congrats on all your finds.


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    Jan 2005
    6 times

    Re: Silver and first gold of 2006

    Congats! Really nice finds. Don't think it'll ever stop raining here.


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