Up date on the Well
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    Looking for that ONE find.

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    Up date on the Well

    Unusual well only 4 feet in diameter. Only 12 feet deep and a foot of water in it. It looks like it was dug right through rock that looked chisled. Thats what the owner said. The owner and his brother says it makes no since for a well on the side of the hill. Nothing could be seen in the well by the brothers. I only stopped because it looked like wagon ruts through a rocky area. The modern road cuts right through these tracks if thats what they are. The Pacific tag was closer to the road than the well. The owner is going to fill it in and may have done that today. We only got an inch of snow here. By 2 PM it was gone. I will go back one of these days. May be I can figure out why it was built in that location. No indication of house or barn close by.

    PS. The lid was old type concrete and wire not rebar like I thought it was. I was too spooked to no anything. HH Stan

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    The Money Pit must be the Titanic of empty holes and empty wallets.

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    Re: Up date on the Well

    it's probably a cistern - designed to catch rain water. Had one same dimensions only a bit deeper built of solid stone. they may have chose hill because it would catch water flowing down hill during heavy rains. Just a guess.
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    Re: Up date on the Well

    Ahh....now I know. I have one of those on the hill by my house. It's not very deep and lined with cut stone. I always called it a well but it didn't make sense to me because there are springs all over that hill. It was a cistern for the livestock to drink out of. Ring ring ring. (bells going off in my head.)

    Thanks Ocean.



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