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Thread: Found a Very Rare Military Button! NEW INFO ADDED 11 Aug 10

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    Re: Found a Very Rare Military Button! NEW INFO ADDED 11 Aug 10

    Quote Originally Posted by ColonialDude
    Thanks...who knows!? There has never been one found with 123 on it...or heard was just conjured up in someones imagintion in this thread. I am sure some wanted to point out the non-existant 123 in hopes of taking it's authenticity away...
    Such a shame.

    I think it is an awesome piece and congratulations to you for finding it!!

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    Re: Found a Very Rare Military Button! NEW INFO ADDED 11 Aug 10

    Congrats Dude on a killer button and in such amazing shape also!!! Lets hope there are more finds like this in the future in that soil of yours!!

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    Re: Found a Very Rare Military Button! NEW INFO ADDED 11 Aug 10

    I am the unit commander of the re-enactment unit of the 4th Battalion Royal Foot Artillery and the Chatham and Gillingham Corps of Artillery In England where it was formed in 1799 at Fort Amherst. As you can imagine I am amazed that you found the button in America and I would love to find how it arrived in America. To my knowledge they didn't fight in the war of 1812 although it might have been the case. Unfortunately there is a lot of the original papers missing or fragmented by people trying to make a quick buck framing the odd page and selling it for a fortune. I on the other hand am interested in collating the information for future generations. Only the other week I accidentally traced an original sword belt of the unit and I own a shako plate from the unit and we have had many copies made.

    I would be very grateful of any more information surrounding the location that it was found to help my research. Will be glad to offer any more information I have. I'd also love for some more pictures if you took any-more before it was sold. (sadly I only learnt of it's existence after the auction ended).

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    Re: Found a Very Rare Military Button! NEW INFO ADDED 11 Aug 10

    Oh yeah that's a nice one congratulations. I've never seen that button dug down here in SC and I've been relic hunting 25 yrs! You did good


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    Oct 2012
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    found these two buttons but i haven't got a clue, could someone help me id plz.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	009.JPG 
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColonialDude View Post
    I have found many Revolutionary War buttons over the years, some of which are quite rare. I never thought my rarest button find yet would be from the War of 1812, but it appears as though that's the case.

    When I dug this button I had been finding nothing but bottle caps and pull tabs from people camping and fishing. The hunt was not going well at all. Then, right by a picnic table I get a nice hit but it was very shallow. I expected a modern target, but at 3 inches or so I pulled this button out. When I first found it it was CAKED with dirt and looked to have nothing on the front at all. The back of the button was quite visible however, and when I saw the gold gilt and the backmark I knew I better take a closer look at the front. Usually I wait until I get home, but I had to know what this button was. I picked off a hard piece of dirt from the front and was stunned when I saw what was on the button. Not knowing U.S. buttons very well, I was confused as to what I had. I clearly saw 'United States Artillery' on the face, and a stack of 6 cannon balls. I knew based on the button design it was quite old, but not Revolutionary War. The War of 1812 made sense as there was a lot of activity during the conflict in that area. However, I had never seen a U.S. artillery button from the War of 1812 with this design. I figured it must date slightly before or after the war as I knew the backmark was a fairly old and good one.

    When I got home I looked it up in Alberts book and was pleasantly surprised to see a RV of 100, which seemed to me to be quite rare in comparison to most buttons. The book seems to suggest at the time of printing the example in the photograph was the only known example. I have scoured the internet and all of my reference books, but can't find another example anywhere. I was told the example in the book is in the Smithsonian, although I can't confirm that. There is a note in Alberts under the button which points to the 'National Button Bulletin, May 1962' for more info on the particular example in the book. I don't have it, and can't find it. Any chance one of you owns this issue?? I would love to know what it says!

    I am left wondering if this button is numer 2 of 2 known. Can anyone provide any more info on the button or confirm how many are known to be out there??

    What I know of the button, it is a United States Artillery, 2nd Regiment button. Made in 1808. I am also told (but again can't confirm) there were only about 300 made as Armitage made them as samples, but never received the contract.

    As you can see in one of the pics, the button was still quite dirty (even after I removed some caked on dirt in the field) when I got it home. I knew there was some gilt under there and hit it with some aluminum jelly. Cleaned up quite nice. The front is nice, but the back blows me away!

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    Oct 2012
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	008.JPG 
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ID:	705103 very nice button well done. i came a cross these two last week on a dig 100 yards apart, there's some age to them but i know nothing about them at all, i think the one on the right is 4th Irish guards 18th century, the writing is in Latin. many thanks Brian.

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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting I just found 2 1802 1st artillery buttons was wondering about this aluminum jelly for them never heard of it before ?

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    George Washington Inaugural Buttons 1802 1865 section artilary wrong address above


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