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    Aug 2005
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Congratulations on your new detector. I am looking forward to see what you find. Just a quick warning. Within a few months you wont be tucking it into bed, you will be cuddling up with it.
    MXT,  and just dumb luck.

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    Feb 2006
    New Hampshire - USA
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    Re: First Time Ever

    You're right that this is an excellent place to come for advice, guidance, answers as well as to share in a fun hobby.

    You've gotten some great advice here already and I'll just toss in my $0.02 - most of which is just reitterating what others have said.

    1. After every few times you go out with the detector, re-read your manual - you might be surprised at how much better you understand portions of it as you learn more "hands on" stuff.

    2. Collect a bunch of different items you might expect to come across when metal detecting, toss them on the ground and start checking each one. Run the detector fast over them, slow over them, back and forth, N & S etc... and see if you can pick up subtle differences. Play with discrimination if you have it as you do this as well.

    3. Make a "test garden" somewhere in your yard or garden and bury some of those items at different depths. Know where each one is and do the same things you did in #2 above.

    4. Someone else recommended it and it's an EXCELLENT idea - GO TO A BEACH and dig up everything you come across, but before doing it, try "guessing" what it is based on all your previous knowledge. Guess how deep it is and see how close you can get to pinpointing exactly where it is.

    Other people have said it here before and I'll repeat it...

    There's definitely a difference between a $1000 detector and a $100 detector, but the gap can be significantly closed when the user gets to really know their machine. Practice, practice, practice and have fun :-)
    "There is no getting away from a treasure that once fastens upon your mind" - Joseph Conrad (Nostromo)

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    Oct 2005
    Charleston S.C.
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    Re: First Time Ever

    RED, Welcome To The Best Hobby In The World. I Hunt Mostly CW Relics, Me And My Hunting Buddy ART Find So Many Shot Gun Shells, That We Call Them Yankee Buttons. Best Of Luck & Good Hunting. trk5capt...
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Thanks so much, everyone.

    After all these tips, I've been itching to leave work! I keep telling myself that I have nothing to do. Well, nothing to do right now. Okay, nothing that can't wait until tomorrow. Ha!

    It's almost 1 pm here. Let's see how long I last!


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    Jan 2005
    Choctaw Beach Florida
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Alot of the fun of this hobby is scouting around looking for good places to hunt!!
    God and country.

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    Apr 2006
    a few miles from the ocean
    Tesoro Tiger Shark + Cheap Radio Shack + Whites DF PI + Aquasound
    14 times

    Re: First Time Ever

    Hi Red,
    Glad you and your digger got a chance to go out. Location, location, location is the key. Where are people rolling in the grass or sitting by a tree or having their two year old grab at their jewelry and pulling it off. The woods can be a great place to hunt if there use to be something else there, but perhaps not necessarily if it has always just been woods. Research could be important if you are limited in the more easily identifiable GOOD hunting places. You have the right attitude and you will get it going sooner than you think. By the way, I took my 13 year old grand daughter to the beach detecting last night since my broken detector finally came back from the factory, we both were able to hunt at the same time. She found $1.32 and two Israeli new Sequels. I found $1.40 and two Sequels. My wife told me later that I have her hooked, she can't wait for me to get home from work tonight. She had only found $0.36 the first time out and was a little disappointed. I think she is seeing GOLD in the future. Persistence pays off when you are looking for stuff you can't see with your eyes. HH, Ralph

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    Re: First Time Ever

    Hi Ralph,

    I remember you posting your granddaughter only found 36 cents. Glad to hear she is moving up in the world. What a wonderful hobby and time spent together. I'm sure she will carry these memories for years to come!


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    Jan 2006
    62 times
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    Re: First Time Ever

    WELCOME RED!welcome 2 the crazy train,woooohooooooooo
    the dreams of the young are the regrets of the old

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    Re: First Time Ever

    I can identify with that find Red.....shotgun thingy..... My very first find and have since found hundreds of them! gets better!!!! KEEP GOING!!!!

    Look forward to your upcoming awesome finds!!!!


    ps....prolly gonna find some horseshoes too! AND Location is the key Peter!
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    This aint no damn flea circus!!!

    Mar 2006
    Livin' in a tar-paper shack in the woods of Eastern Idaho!
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Welcome Red! After reading your response to DeKalbs post I can honestly say you are gonna do alright! We like a woman who can take care of herself! And dont worry about DeKalb, he is in the fetal position in the closet shivering...............he'll get over the shell shock & be posting again in a few days! lol
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    "Agitate! Agitate! Ought to be the motto of every reformer. Agitation is the opposite of stagnation...... one is life, the other death."
    -Ernestine L. Rose-

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    Feb 2006
    Hunterdon County, New Jersey
    Whites, M6, Classic III, 5900 DI Pro Plus

    Re: First Time Ever

    Welcome! Way to go with DeKalb. Anywho, you gave me an idea, maybe I should get married again. I hate the shovel work. Dont let the oldman get an MD. Remember, shovels make great Fathers day presents! Go for the Gold.
    Whites M6, Whites Classic III ,Whites 59900 Di Pro plus, guess Im a Whites guy!!

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    Re: First Time Ever


    One day too late. Where were you Saturday, the day before Father's Day? I could have gifted him with the ShizzleDaFizzle of shovels.

    You know, the dog didn't give him a present. To get a shovel from the dog is two-fold. Pooper-scooper AND a treasure-digger. I can pull this off.

    Zoot, you are brilliant.



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