First Time Ever
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    First Time Ever

    Well, today I had to leave work early. UPS was coming with my very first MD. Out of the box it came, and off I went. 4 hours later and I all if found was a shotgun shell thingy. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but I'll get it figured out. No grand finds here, but I see gold in my future. Yipee!!


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    Jan 2006
    Houston, TX
    CTX3030, Excalibur II, V3i, TRX
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    Re: First Time Ever

    You'll get the hang of it Red. The more you hunt, the better you get!


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    Feb 2006
    Hanover Park Illinois
    11 times
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Be patient and have fun. It will take some time to learn your detector's habits. Once you get the hang of it you wont want to put the darned thing down. If your married, you may have to get divorced. You'll spend more time with the detector than with the wife!!

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    Jul 2004
    South Florida Cesspool
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Well,I guess a shotgun shell casing is better than a pulltab. What kind of area were you detecting? Practice with sample coins and such to get a better feel for the machine.Mess with discrim. and sensitivity(don't know the Ace 250) over the targets and practice,you'll get the hang of it. Swing slow and low.

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    May 2005
    53 times

    Re: First Time Ever


    hard waiting for that new equipment
    to arrive.

    Now that you have it, read the instructions.

    What type did you get?

    Start out with an easy hunt; hit a tot lot,
    work in the chips. Take the time to plant
    some items and see what your detector
    will do.

    Hope to see many more of your post
    with the photos of gold and silver rings.

    have a good un.............
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    May 2006
    Whites DFX
    3 times

    Re: First Time Ever

    I can tell you, i w as blown away with what people found. But just because on the forums theres a gold ring found everyday, doesn't mean to much, considering how many people are on the forum, searching each day, a nd how much stuff they found before hte goodies. I haven't found any gold yet, that's ok, i'm still a newb swashbuckler. But already i can tell you, over 1 month i've come to know my baby. She treats you right, an d if you are in the right place, she will sing to you very sweetly. The fact is, you hve to understand her song, know the words, get used to this. You may not like digging up all those targets, but the fact is, you hvae to dig up stuff to find the goods. Plus it keeps you in shape. But every find keeps you going. Keep it up.
    If you don't look, you won't find!

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    Mar 2006
    CZ-3D, CZ-20,CZ-21, F-75 LTD, AT Pro, F-44 Fisher Impulse 8 and 10, GTA 750 CTX (new) ADS Master Hunter 7 (Retired)
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Throw a few coins on the ground with some trash and get use to the sound and pinpointing...Takes time just like everything else..
    Okinawa Dave

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    Jul 2005
    Close enough to the beach
    **Tesoro Tiger Shark** Tesoro Silver Umax** Minelab Sov Gt w/WOT coil** Whites 6000Di Pro SL**
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Read the manual, then read it again and then read it again. Then get to a beach and find EVERYTHING. Find out where the older houses are in your area and knock on some doors. Read the newspaper to see where carnivals , festivals and the like are taking place. Visit your local historic society and visit the library. Ask your friends , your family members, your neighbors if you can hunt their yards. Schools, churches, swimming holes, parks. I'm sure you've heard all this before. Had a few beers after a long day at work and my fingers went a little crazy on the keyboard, my apologies.
    Time is nothing, timing is everything.

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    **Bring History Back to Life**

    Nov 2005
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Doing what you did is what most of the people in this forum had done!!! just grab that box rip it open and put that machine together and get out there and find some relics or coins.....You did the right thing ! so now that the thrill of treasure hunting is delayed wiht the sun setting and the excitement is over for the day now you can just grab your owners manuel and read through it, and fine tune that babe and get out there and find some cool finds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck in the future and welcome to this great Hobby!!!!!
    Keep on Digging!

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    Re: First Time Ever

    Wow, Thanks Everyone for all the insight. I swear, this forum is better than any manual.

    Speaking of, I did read the manual..ha! And, I even watched the DVD the MD came with. I purchased an Xterra 50 with the second coil. Have no idea what the difference is between them (didn't see that in the manual), but I can do some research on that.

    Today, I headed out to the woods in back of my neighborhood. I was back there for about 2 hours, but the mosquitoes were getting to me. When I saw 2 ticks taking my pant leg to heaven, I threw in the "trowel". Mosquitoes I can handle, ticks I cannot. Later while I stood admiring my new toy in the garage, my husband came home. He was the lucky winner of a recon trip and off we went in the car. I live in TN, a somewhat historic area, and I had been researching old settlements and the like. I was sure there were some interesting areas near a few particular streams. Anyway, we found an empty field next to a cemetery. I wasn't up for graverobbing, so I walked the field and my poor hubby dug...I'm a lucky girl. After that, we attempted to take a small drive around the rest of the area looking for places we could hunt with permission, but my internal GPS was off a bit and we ended up getting lost. End of story is that it was dark when we got I had no option but to kiss my MD and tuck it in bed.

    Overall, it was a wonderful day. Tomorrow will be even better!

    "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt


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    May 2006
    Tesoro Vaquero
    4 times

    Re: First Time Ever

    I know that for me the first three or four times outside were actually quite frustrating, because I was still trying to figure out so many things that only experience can fix, such as pinpointing, discerning what sounds are what, tweaking my discrimination, etc, etc, etc. Now that I've been out a few more times I'm getting encouraged with how I'm beginning to "read" what my detector is saying. Don't be depressed that you only found a shotgun shell your first time, my first time all I found was trash, not even a penny. Good times!
    Life is a big doo sandwich and we all have to take a bite, savvy?

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    Oct 2005
    Summerville, South Carolina
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    Re: First Time Ever

    Very good input here, HH Art...

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    Re: First Time Ever

    Quote Originally Posted by dekalb33
    tip one youve been broken in proper now lose the "thingy" lingo its so ,well, just SO...try shotgun shell,no need to over elaberate on simple things(just because your a woman) if you dont know,ask. well tell you how it is..well at least,i will. not sure about some others but im pretty straight forward,if you cant tell.......

    I've enjoyed reading read some of your posts and they are interesting. You seem to be very experienced and I value that. I really do.
    No hard feelings but in my opinion I wouldn't call your post straight forward, I would call it rude. Perhaps you meant this in a joking manner. If so, my mistake. If not, let me make clear the reason I come here is to learn, laugh, and make a few friends who share my hobby. Just as nobody addressed your spelling and grammer, chastising someone is just not a very good reason to write a post.

    Take care,

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    White's MXT, IDX Pro & Minelab Excal 800

    Feb 2005
    Central Florida
    11 times

    Re: First Time Ever

    Welcome aboard, Red! And thanks for reminding many of us how it felt to be a "newbie". Sometimes when I'm out detecting, I purposefully tell myself to simply enjoy walking the earth, appreciate the sunshine - and relish in the opportunity to visit with inquiring minds. And if I also manage to free something other than a pull tab from the ground - well, that's gravy!
    Keep checking back with us to share your treasure hunting experiences - (using any words/terms you feel appropriate ; we're all in this together!
    Treasure every day!

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    Re: First Time Ever

    Thanks everyone!

    Today is a new day and tonight I will be out again. This forum is a great place and I couldn't have been happier to find it. You all are incredibly helpful and encouraging.
    It is appreciated.



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