Copper,copper,copper,copper,SLAG..copper, BINGO!
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    May 2006
    Trafford, PA
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    Copper,copper,copper,copper,SLAG..copper, BINGO!

    Had a good couple of days' searching. Hit the lot near work where a store had burned down about 5 years ago, within 10 seconds found a 5 foot section of copper water line. Went to the park, found a copper pipe elbow, 8 copper cents (Pre-1982) and my 2nd wheat, a 1945. had a good, solid hit, dug for 20 minutes,found a lump of SLAG the size of a bowling ball! The hazard of living near the Steel City- lots of waste product from the mills. Today, went to middle school, found $0.55 clad and a 12"x14" piece of copper flashing. Wanted to try searching some beehive coke ovens near the railroad, so I pulled off the road onto a path that leads to them. Started down, but underbrush is so thick I gave up before I got anywhere near the ovens. On the way back up the path, hit a BINGO! A pile of old bingo chips, a tiny pocketknife, and 26 pennies, all in a 2 foot area. Was a good hunt!

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    Oct 2005
    Summerville, South Carolina
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    Re: Copper,copper,copper,copper,SLAG..copper, BINGO!

    Good Job, HH Art...

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    Sep 2005
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    Re: Copper,copper,copper,copper,SLAG..copper, BINGO!

    take in all that copper to a


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    Oct 2005
    Charleston S.C.
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    Re: Copper,copper,copper,copper,SLAG..copper, BINGO!

    Nice Haul, Congrats. Trk5capt...

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    Jul 2005
    Close enough to the beach
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    Re: Copper,copper,copper,copper,SLAG..copper, BINGO!

    Recyclers down here are giving $2.60 a pound for copper. I'm tearing up every junk electric motor, old console TVs, anything electronic I come across at work. I just turned in 92 lbs of aluminum cans that I dug metal detecting and found around work. At 50 cents a pound that's 46 bucks. Good finds.
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