This is why I Metal Detect
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Thread: This is why I Metal Detect

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    Apr 2007
    Mankato, MN
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    This is why I Metal Detect

    I am spending this winter - almost over :-( - on Edisto Island, SC about 40 miles southeast of Charleston, SC. There are LOTS of plantations on Edisto Island and the entire island was abandoned when the Union troops moved in to begin the siege on Charleston in 1861. So there is Union stuff all over the Island as well as British military artifacts from both the war of 1812 and the Revolutionary War. So most people go after that. I tend to be a bit more interested in the history of the Plantations that began with King's Land Grants in the 1700's and particularly the ones that are still owned by the family.

    I have been lucky enough to get permission to hunt a handful of these very historic plantations and help the landowner better understand the who, what, when, and where of their family land. The Civil War occupation was just a small slice of the history of these family plantations.

    I was hunting today on the largest family owned plantation on the Island. I have found musket balls, 3-ringers, flat buttons, a US arrow hook Buckle, an 1832 seated Liberty dime, etc. The find today was different.

    I was detecting a small road they use for their Gators when they hunt deer and coons. It is in the middle of planted pines and the compacted dirt is nice to detect. Much better than the 8" of pine straw in the planted pines. I had traveled about 100 yards down the road and had dug a musket ball made into a sinker or seine weight, a Tombac button, a flat trouser button, and then I dug a somewhat "iffy" signal down about 10". The "iffy" signal turned out to be not so "iffy" and I cleaned it off an put it in my pocket - not my pouch.

    I hunted my way to the Plantation house where I was to meet the owner so he could show me where some old buildings used to be and where the slave cabins were. He actually met me in his Gator on the road leading to the main house. I asked him when his Grandfather was born. He said right at the turn of the century. I asked him when his Great Grandfather was born. He said he was born right after the Civil war. I asked him if he farmed the plantation. He said he did farm the land with his father. I asked him if they grew Sea Island Cotton. He said they grew that particular kind of cotton from when the family returned to the island in 1865 until the bowl weevil did all the cotton crops in.

    I knew where the story was going so I kept at it.

    I said that it makes sense that his Great Great Grandfather may have been farming Sea Island Cotton with his son towards the end of the 1800's. He said that they were and that his Great Great Grandfather had traveled to Atlanta and entered some of the Plantation's Sea Island Cotton in the 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition held there and had won an award for it.

    I said I know. He looked at me and asked me how I knew.

    I put the "Iffy" signal in his hand. He was speechless.

    It was priceless.

    This is why I metal detect.

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    Jan 2009
    6 times

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Great find. I am sure that his family will enjoy that very much.

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    Oct 2005
    eldridge, missouri
    39 times

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Grest story, great find.....and a really great person. Don't it just make ya feel tingly all over......


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    Apr 2010
    Fisher F75 SE, Whites PI Pro, Ace 250, Pro Pointer
    28 times
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    That is a really good story and deed Well done
    "There comes a time in every rightly constructed boys life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure" Mark Twain"

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    Mar 2010
    18 times

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    You can`t beat that with a stick. Great find and great story.

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    Wheres The Gold

    Feb 2010
    Vancouver WA
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    I Think this deserves to be in the Honorable mention section If not the banner also Chug!!! and Red
    "It cant Always Be Silver Or Gold But It Is A Hell Of an Experience Pulling It Out Of the Dirt"

    Metal detecting is Like A Marathon, Your Running fast then start Slowing A Bit The You Find Something Interesting And You Pick Up the Pace!!! The Only Difference is If You Are Addicted to this Hobby there Is NO FINISH LINE HH Chug And Red

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    Dec 2005
    Whites MX Sport, Eurotek Pro
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Great story. I'm thinking banner!
    "Always Do Good...It'll Please Some and Confuse the Rest"

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    keep on diggin!!

    Jun 2005
    alachua county, FL
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Awesome story, and the feeling must of been priceless.....Hats off to you!...

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    Jul 2008
    Henderson, Nv
    White's DFX, Beach Surfer
    17 times

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Awesome find awesome story. Keep it up.
    Just moved to Birmingham from Los Angeles. Arrived here Sept. 2010.

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    Charter Member
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    Apr 2010
    Upper Canada (Southern Ontario)
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    That was a really great thing you did BioProf!
    I would've loved to have seen the look on his face when you handed him that piece! Priceless I bet!

    Definitely Honorable Mention worthy!

    “I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”
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    Jul 2005
    N Louisiana
    Ace 250
    29 times

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Proud of you... is what I am!!!
    Dear Lord, lest I continue in my complacent ways, help me to remember that someone died for me today. And if there be war, help me to remember to ask and to answer "am I worth dying for?" - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Jan 2007
    Northern Middle Tennessee
    Fisher 1266-X, F75 X 2
    2869 times
    Relic Hunting
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Great story, good deed, and I'd say you have a lifetime hunting pass there. Congrats and happy hunting, Quindy.
    View more Tenn. Trio hunts by going to "You Tube" & typing in "Quindy Robertson".

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    Mar 2005
    Central Indiana
    Fisher CZ3 , F75 LTD, CZ70 pro, Teknetics G2, Deus
    59 times
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    Re: This is why I Metal Detect - Awesome

    Way to go. That was a great find and a nice gesture. You made all of us look good with that return.


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    Apr 2006
    Minelab Sov / Fisher CZ-70 Pro/Fisher CZ 20
    10 times

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Honorable Mention and Banner time!!! Great find, Greater DEED!
    Arooooooo Wolf Pack

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    Somewhere...out there.

    Jan 2011
    Steilacoom, WA
    AT Pro,
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: This is why I Metal Detect

    Great story and I agree that this is what makes this hobby worthwhile. I think this certainly qualifies as an Honorable Mention.
    Keep Swinging...


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