Research (Pays Off)
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    Jan 2007
    Grass Valley, Ca.
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    Research (Pays Off)

    Friday evening did a little research trying to find a new spot to try for some Silver, Found this site (Posted Below) listing most, if not all cities in Ca. in 1895, I don't like the map they have for it but what I really like was it showed some of the cities population in 1895, With the use of google earth I found one that was within an hours drive and decided to give it a try, this area is a some what narrow grassy strip with some older Trees and Palms along the street, once I arrived I was not to impressed with the looks of it for being relatively on the old side but thought I would give it a try. I picked a spot a little more than halfway to start, got my stuff on and walk over to the Tree line, upon the third swing of my coil I get that deep signal of a copper penny, dig up a 1939s wheatie, I thought this is a good sign, so on I go just a couple of feet away I get that famous silver tone, I had a little difficulty pinpointing it because of several other metal objects being real close to it, finally get in the general area and recover the 1958D Rossie on edge, less than 3 minutes into the hunt 2 good coins, I though this is going to be good, unfortunately it took me a couple hours to get my next good target, I was getting a little frustrated up to that point, but after popping out a 1929s Merc the excitement was back on, my next target I dig is a high end nickle reading ends up this 1943P war nickel, I need to clean it up better because the 3 looks a little funny Little further and a dig this lead ball, thinking gold? it looks like it maybe a 40 cal. round ball, measures .395, pontil mark and molding marks. The last dig of the day turns out to be this 1902s Barber, a key mint for that year. Being that I only hunted a small section of this area, I will be going back. Well sorry for this being such a lengthy post, Here is the link to the website I used, hope it can help some of you. 1895

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    Jul 2009
    Phoenix, Arizona
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    Re: Research (Pays Off)

    That looks like quite a find . . . I need a day like that . . . .
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    Re: Research (Pays Off)

    It looks like you've been rubbing the coins, still, neat finds!


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    Jul 2008
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    Re: Research (Pays Off)

    Research DOES pay off and congratulations on the nice finds!! Keep it up.
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    Mar 2009
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    Re: Research (Pays Off)

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    Feb 2007
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    Re: Research (Pays Off)

    Thanks for posting. Great story and wonderful finds. Congrats!
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