Day Two of Beach Finds In The Heat....
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    Annmarie, better half of RonandAnn ;)

    Jun 2006
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    Day Two of Beach Finds In The Heat....

    Well, ain't no sense in posting pics....ya'll should know what quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies look like.

    Got 1.50 in quarters, 1.30 in dimes, 25 cents in nickels and 32 cents in pennies (one wheatie 1941). Found a marble with a quarter, dime and penny. Found some weird allen wrench key (plastic handle) and my first GREEN PULL TAB....that is my favorite now...OMG...a green one!!! Whew Hoo...I bet I can sell that one on Ebay and get lots of money!!! LOL...I should try it................NAH!!!

    But will head back out in the morning treasure is still out there for me to find!!!

    So, all these coins I am finding...go into our bucket. My dau is up for orders soon and she is hoping for overseas (me too ) all the clad we find goes in the pot to help pay for the cost of our family vacation. So, I figure another year doing this and I should have enough for plane tickets. Since April of this year...we have over 50 bucks in clad...WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope she gets Hawaii!!!!

    Hope everyone else had a great day hunting...HAPPY FOURTH TO ALL!!!

    Forgot to add: I did find a car (like a matchbox) and was putting it in my pocket and this little boy, prob about 3, was crying. His daddy was trying to get him to I looked at this cute little car and looked at that cute little boy and what do you know...they made a perfect match!!! So, I walked over and gave it to the lad and he stopped crying (Patting self on back) And someone lost their keys, tried to help them find them, but they could not remember where they were maybe in the morning, when I go back, I will search in that area they think they were sitting and see if I can find them. Oh well, tomorrow is yet another day
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    Jun 2006
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    Re: Day Two of Beach Finds In The Heat....

    Hawaii, would be very nice. Keep filling that buck or if you need a break, a nice gold nugget is waiting to be found out there. I metal detect on Guam once people out there likes to wear gold and I mean a lot!!!!

    Cound'nt leave with out a little fishing.

    Happy 4TH!!!



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