Day of the living dead circa 1832
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    Day of the living dead circa 1832

    From the land of the Bluenose......the ashen face stared back at me. The blood shot eyes were weeping. The stubble on my face was thicker than anything the UK could muster! The horror...the horror but the the real horror was yet to come. I craved brains! Fresh brains, bowels, liver and ....maybe a little kidneys on the side with djoin mustard.

    My limbs were numb with no feeling in any extremities. The door bell rang. I was back in bed dead. Who was at the door?
    So horrible is this photo that you ...if you dare....will have to open it yourself me bouy!
    The Gipper! Come to suck my blood from this cold dead body but readily settled for some strawberries which he devoured before he left our abode before he continued on his blood sucking quest!

    The horror just kept on coming and coming!
    Pumpkin heads suffering from alseimer trying to find their way to the bathroom!

    Ghosts floating in crystal ball!

    Carnivorous pumpkins grinning like a jackal at any flesh that passed by!

    A black cat ready to pounce and tear flesh! Yellow eyes that looked deep into your very being!

    Navy Davy at the fresh brains there for this living dead walker! He had the same idea on his ...mind...but he had none so we both settled for a Tim's and a breakfast sandwich. A very poor substitute for brains!

    Navy Davy was literally dead on his feet! One can tell these things as he swung like a hobbit possessed by a harpie................................a true walking dead. A bouy who was prone to being prone and scratching that which itched!

    He bent down...long ways for that bouy being 6'4 and out popped a demonic case.

    Empty of cancer sticks.....................dead anyway!

    The sun was slowly cresting over the horizon. Navy Davy was in his usual position with his spine just upright, tight and out of sight. A common ailment for those of us that are the living dead!

    The dig was coming to an end as the sun sank ever so slowly and ND and I knew by the further stiffening of the bones an end was in sight.
    Nd had taken his toll from the land of the dead!

    With the Bluenoser right behind having dug the crypt of a bouy from 1832.

    Once home in his own mausoleum it was show time! Hunny Bunny suppling the treats.............blood...fresh blood!
    Life is a beach at least till the tide comes in and the Bud is all gone!

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832

    Ahh, love the story, and how u tell about it!!
    To bad the demonic box was empty, or maby... It was for the best
    Happy hunting! //The Swed Hunter
    When you just pulling up pulltabs or junk, you know your gonna hit something else soon!

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832're crazy

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832

    Fun post! When you take your clad to the bank to cash(if you do) do they give you back the U.S. coinage? I always get Canadian coins in my change here but I have to seperate them from the change jar because the bank won't cash them. I have to "launder" them back to the stores.
    A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832

    funny post ....congrats !
      No matter how long the storm, the sun always shines again between the clouds ...... 

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832

    I enjoyed the story and seeing your finds.

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832

    What a Knucklehead Love the Story and the Cat is too cool

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    Re: Day of the living dead circa 1832

    Gotta say, you do have class when it comes to movies!
    "Shop smart; Shop S-Mart!"
    "Good, Bad....I'm the one with the gun!"
    There are too many classic lines to count.



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