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    Feb 2006
    Hunterdon County, New Jersey
    Whites, M6, Classic III, 5900 DI Pro Plus

    Token today!

    Checking out a bridge tear down today I came up with a Hard Times token. It was on top of the bulldozer pile about 2 or 3" down. I had to give it a little electrolisis to figure out what it was. Date is 18-7 cant make out that 3rd number1 AP the Ace250 works great! Some trouble with the pinpointing but I'll get it. Just goes to show you you dont always need the big bucks machine to find the good stuff. Theres alot of luck involved. This is my first Hard Times token.
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    Whites M6, Whites Classic III ,Whites 59900 Di Pro plus, guess Im a Whites guy!!

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    **Bring History Back to Life**

    Nov 2005
    Keep on Digging!
    MINELAB Explorer-II
    66 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: Token today!

    Great find Zootman.........Love to find those Hard times tokens. the one you found is in great condition....Congrats!
    Keep on Digging!

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    Feb 2006
    Hunterdon County, New Jersey
    Whites, M6, Classic III, 5900 DI Pro Plus

    Re: Token today!

    Thanks Seeker!
    It s kind of like my Ex Wife photographed alot better than she looked
    ! OK Ladies I was only kidding. The X was very pretty even in the morning!
    Whites M6, Whites Classic III ,Whites 59900 Di Pro plus, guess Im a Whites guy!!

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    Apr 2006
    14 times
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    Re: Token today!

    Really cool find,
    congrats and keep em coming!

    "I'm a finder, not a loser!"

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    Looking for that ONE find.

    Nov 2005
    South Central Kansas
    83 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Token today!

    That is a great find. I hope you find many more neat finds.


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    Jul 2006
    Teknetics T2
    56 times
    Banner Finds (1)

    Re: Token today!

    Cool find zootman !
    Do you like metal detecting and everything else in between ? Well check out this awesome youtube channel and rock on . https://www.youtube.com/user/roadkillscjim/featured ..... 18+ only please

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    Digging up the Past

    Oct 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
    Fisher CZ5
    4 times

    Re: Token today!

    Sweet find, I don't even remember seeing a picture of that one before, so that makes it scarce in my book.
    Dayton Diggers, Historical Research & Recovery

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    wisc pete

    Re: Token today!

    neat find!

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    Mar 2006
    Mxt 6x10 coil Massachusetts
    9 times

    Re: Token today!

    that is nice,, great find much better than mine is,,,,wtg....
    keenest hobby ever

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    May 2005
    32 times

    Re: Token today!


    very nice find, tokens are neat.

    That 250 is a good machine, and what you said
    about expensive machines is so true.

    have a good un..............
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    This aint no damn flea circus!!!

    Mar 2006
    Livin' in a tar-paper shack in the woods of Eastern Idaho!
    Fisher F70, Whites QXT, Garrett Pro-Pointer, "Mighty" Diggin' Tool
    11 times

    Re: Token today!

    Im glad you are finding stuff with that 250 Zoot, that is an awesome token! Been raining fer a week here but this weekend looks nice so Im hoping to take the 6000di to an old cabin in the woods & try out the 11 inch coil! I still havent used it with the big coil yet so I hope to bring home some iron!
    "Agitate! Agitate! Ought to be the motto of every reformer. Agitation is the opposite of stagnation...... one is life, the other death."
    -Ernestine L. Rose-

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    Oct 2005
    Northern, Michigan
    willow stick
    133 times

    Re: Token today!


    "Everything is an anomaly" Michigan Badger



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