Detecting with "Money Mafia"
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    Detecting with "Money Mafia"

    RP, Blitz, Zoyboy, and I got out to one of our areas. Today was one of my "off" days. I only found 6 Wheaties, a sterling silver "cheapie" ring, and a small button. The button says, "Warranted Rich Crance," on the back. It was 4 inches deep and my DD easily got the signal. Does anyone know how old it is?

    Blitz found a 1915 Barber quarter, 2 Shield nickels (1882 + ?), an 1898 V-nickel, 9 Wheaties, and a 14 Karat "Keepsake" diamond ring. The ring has all 23 diamonds. He claims, "It is worth thousands!" I said, "Yeah right, Blitzhead, until I see that cash in your hand, I will not believe it, Weaver!"

    Zoyboy found 6 Wheaties and a musketball. Zoy, you are a great detectorist! This day won't get you down, dude! Keep on swinging with fervor.

    RP only found 1 Wheatie. RP, there is always another day, dude. Keep your head high, man, because we are all winners today .

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    Re: Detecting with "Money Mafia"

    its cool to have all your friend go mding with ya until they outhunt you and brag all the way home..

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    Re: Detecting with "Money Mafia"

    LoL your light days are way over me and my BH ability. Congratulations.


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    Re: Detecting with "Money Mafia"

    Well here's hope,, Blitz could be right, Keepsake was a sub-brand for a major jewelery chain. Don't remember which at the moment. But could have some value. Nice finds besides. You guys seem to have fun hunting togather, keep it up Stan...



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