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    May 2012
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    More Cornfield Hunting

    Got to the 1902 Mansion I had planned on hunting this weekend and the executor of the estate asked if I could come back tomorrow as they were cleaning all the contents out of the house. I said no problem and headed over to the. Or field where the farmer is taking his sweet time planting the corn. Oh well more chances for me. Didn't have too many good signals but did find this one, not sure on the date, and can anyone give me any pointers on cleaning it?

    I had about had it and started back to the truck when I got an iffy signal that kept bouncing between dime and nickel on my DFX, since i kept getting a decent signal no matter what side I sang from I decided to dig. Boy was I surprised to get the second Spanish silver from this field. It's pretty worn but you can see the the Spanish shield in the middle and some of the pillars, nothing on the front side. Any idea why it would have 10 stamped into both sides. Any help with that one would be appreciated.
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    Soak the copper in warm peroxide for a short period. Looks like it will clean up nice.
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    Not much of a way to cure the black tarnish on dug silver. I just leave them as-is. If you wanted a shiny coin, aluminum jelly has modest results. But then the coin will look whizzed. Not sure about the "10" counterstamp.

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    Don't clean it..I've cleaned a few and wished I hadn't every time..I always say after it's cleaned up,"Damn I liked it better dirty."

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    Best to just put it in warm water over night and let the dirt dissolve off the coin or coins.

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    Sweet finds
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    Excellent finds on silver I'll sometimes use wet baking soda on the really nasty looking ones and not overdo it cause you can, on the copper I'd use olive oil, soap and water. A lot of people start out with distilled water soaks, it breaks down the mineralization on the coin good, then after that you can also soak in olive oil.



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