cold morning digs
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    Jan 2005
    Choctaw Beach Florida
    Equinox 800 and 600, tesoro Cibola with garret,whites and minelab pinpointers
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    cold morning digs

    Winter is getting close .Me and Misplacedredneck went out this morning at day break. It was pretty cool and windy but it will be getting worst as the days go on. The morning started off pretty good .Redneck found a 1700s 1 krulzer and soon after he found another nice coin from the early 1800s. Some people have all the luck. LOL My best find of the fairly short hunt was some type of locket. I think it is silver and after I got back from church I opened it up to find some hair or rope or paper or something. On the inside it also has the roman numerals VII .This field has some old stuff in it so I have no Idea how old it is. It has the name Maria on one side and a picture of a cross on the other side . I really am thrilled to find a personal item like this .It really makes history come to life. I also found a small weight that is square and on the back side it says PISTOL. I wonder if it was used for measuring powder The picture turned out to blurry to see any detail.I found four coins but they are all commen .The oldest is 1876. The little fish is something I found last week but forgot to post. I am hopen it is roman but Probably not. It is always great to get out but always better when you find something. I have about three months left before I have to move so I hope the weather will work with me and the ground will not freeze to deep. Hope all is well and thanks for looking and HH. If any body has any information on any of these items it would be great. Thanks .
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    God and country.

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    Aug 2006
    Temple, GA
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    Re: cold morning digs

    good stuff man, hopefully we can get out again this weekend, maybe we'll get some kind of freak 70 degree weather.

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    Feb 2005
    Bavaria Germany
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    Re: cold morning digs

    Awesome finds Bman! I have also found a few of those square weights, thought they were coin weights but, you might be right on the powder weight of a pistol charge. Must be Locket season, I found one today as well, when I opened it I found a... Working on a post, LOL! Your locket contents do look like hair, it holds up better than most things, the inside of my locket didn't hold well but there is a clue I found. Thanks for the post and HH, Mike

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    You gotta dig detecting!

    Feb 2005
    South Ogden, UT
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    Re: cold morning digs

    Nice, very nice!

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    Aug 2006
    New York
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    Re: cold morning digs

    Very kool
    What a hobby

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    Jul 2006
    3 times

    Re: cold morning digs

    cool finds!!!! yes it was cold today! I was out by manheim for drill today and almost froze to death. I am going to keep trying to go out myself. too many areas to hunt still I hope you find a ton of loot before you have to leave. Happy Hunting!

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    Apr 2006
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    Re: cold morning digs

    Nice assortment of finds Birdman!
    That locket is very cool.
    I think it was very popular decades ago
    for travelers and soldiers to have
    these lockets with there loved one's hair in it
    as a rememberance keepsake and a personal possession.
    Happy hunting!

    "I'm a finder, not a loser!"

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    Mar 2005
    4 times

    Re: cold morning digs

    Excellent group of finds! I really like the locket.A unique personal piece of history.
    Glad you're still getting out despite the cold weather. HH!

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    **Bring History Back to Life**

    Nov 2005
    Keep on Digging!
    MINELAB Explorer-II
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    Re: cold morning digs

    Excellent Relics......That locket is very impressive!!! HH
    Keep on Digging!

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    Jan 2005
    Great Falls, Montana
    White's DFX & a Sunray probe
    34 times
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    Re: cold morning digs

    Birdman, that locket is fascinating. When I first saw the "hair" I immediately thought sheep's wool....then I saw the picture of a sheep on one side of the locket. Could Maria have been a sheep? I dunno...but it is a great find!

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    Re: cold morning digs

    Love the locket too! Hope the weather holds out for ya'll to make some more great finds!


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    Aug 2005
    67 times

    Re: cold morning digs

    That fish item might be something connected with the early Christian Church.....
    "It's the stuff that dreams are made of....."

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    Dec 2004
    Omega 8000 & Tesoro Cortes
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    Re: cold morning digs

    I would weather the elements for some finds like that.....very nice! Thanks for sharing>>>NS<<<

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    Kentucky Kache

    Re: cold morning digs

    Great finds, guys. Wish I could join you.



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