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Thread: Unreal day!! Relics, and a 13 projectile point cache!!!

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    Dec 2012
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    That's the truth, teachers are some of the biggest influences in a young college students life. My wife is an anthropologist, and when she finished school she was misinformed as well, until she lived life a little and found out that the truth isn't always what comes out of a teachers mouth. A couple years after she graduated we found out that one of her professors had one of the largest private collections of artifacts in Texas that he had stolen off of digs over the years!
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    Feb 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Phillips

    The "having them looked at" was to have them authenticated. They are not for sale, and I pulled them out of the ground myself, so I know they are real.

    The only other suggestions of having an "official" look at them were met with me saying if some "official" wanted information other than the exact location they were found, I would be glad to help out. I added in one of the threads that most "officials" aren't as much of an "expert" as some of the amatures that do it for the love of history, instead of a paycheck.

    You do realize this is a treasure hunting and collecting site don't you?

    That means that anyone here for legitimate reasons, will have an interest in treasure hunting, collecting, history, etc., and I would say about 0% of them would have found those points and then decided to rebury them and call the state in... especially here in Florida.

    The fact that your first few posts on here is accusing me of "criminally destroying a site" for taking home some points from a plowed field, places you squarely into the "troll" category for message forums. Its like when someone goes onto a Ford Mustang forum, and talks about how bad Mustangs suck. They are just there to stir up trouble and get a reaction. They are usually young, or at least immature.

    Maybe you are young, or naive, or just haven't experienced the real world enough yet. Maybe you are a student taking archeological courses, and you just "drank the koolaid" and believe whatever you are told without question. Maybe you don't mean to be so insulting with your posts. Maybe one day you will grow out of it.....
    Hey Jon. The more I've thought about my initial contact the worse I feel. I think I'm still carrying around guilt from over 20 years ago. Early in my hunting days I unknowingly unearthed som artifacts at a small site in MO. After unrealized what I had done I went back again. About a year later the guilt began so I emailed a local university but got no response. I was ready to give everything back. Anyway. When I saw your beautiful artifacts and the way you describe them I just knew they were from a virgin site. Leather pouch, buried below an ball etc. I shouldn't have assumed that's what it was. Please accept my apology for coming across as such a dick. I too look for things but these days I don't dig. All surface finds Today and a couple days ago i found a white bird point and what looks like a hammer of some sort. Ill post KHIB the next few days. Scott.

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    Feb 2013
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    Lucky 13!

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    Mar 2009
    Riverview Florida
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    Thanks Scott. I accept your apology, and I am very impressed that you offered it! Most people these days don't have the guts to do that, and I respect you for it.

    I love history, and I would never knowingly destroy any remmnant of it. I have even bought local, historical, items off of ebay to keep them in Florida, and made donations to privately funded historical preservation societies.

    This site has signs of previous digging besides the agriculture that is going on there, so it is by no means a virgin site.

    Your previous experience with getting no response from the local university is common....most of those people REALLY don't care...unless they are getting paid to dig, or trying to write a paper to get some promotion, or position. Believe me...the second the money runs out, the digging stops! That's not love of history or trying to gain knowledge of the past...that's a job.

    I wish it were different here in Florida, and that they didn't look down at anyone who is not considered their "peers". I wish we had the Isolated Finds Program back so we could collect in the water again, and save these pieces of history from loss or destruction...but that's not going to happen until someone with common sense and no chip on their shoulder slides into the jobs currently occupied by the "elite".

    Thanks again for the apology, I really do respect that!


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    Jan 2013
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    WOW! I can only hope to do so well. My parents have some land in in North Texas and we have found a lot of artifact in one of their wheat fields. I hope to try my new detector out there this spring after harvest.

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    Dig it

    Feb 2013
    Ferndale, Montana
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    If I only found one of those points I'd be a very happy camper. All of those together - awesome! Congrats!
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    Jun 2008
    Siloam Springs Ar
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    Awesome hunt! I love to fish but give me a metal detector and a day hunting with my dad and thats about as good as it gets the points are just a bonus. A VERY NICE BONUS!
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    Dec 2012
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    BANNER FOR SURE. Such prestine condition, such a great cleaning ability you have as well!!!! Just THINK about how hard somebody worked on those. They look so amazing and quite symetrical.
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    Feb 2012
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    Nov 2012
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    Congratulations,nice points and I would have fainted.
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    Jan 2007
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    OMG!!!! That is the stuff that dreams are made of. Have you come back to earth yet?? Fantastic finds! Congrats!

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    Jul 2012
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    Congratulations on this astounding find.

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    Feb 2013
    Elmira/Corning area, NY
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    Speechless. That's amazing.

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    Mar 2009
    Riverview Florida
    F-75, MXT, 6000di sl
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    Thanks everyone!!

    I still can't hardly believe how lucky I was....

    I have them on my wall, and get to look at them every day, and remember the awesome day of hunting with my dad, and my buddy!!

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    Apr 2013
    Florida/E. Tenn
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    Congratulation Jon! You are now a member of a very small group of people fortunate enough to belong in it, "Cache Finder"... Great story and so fortunate to be with your dad and take his advice to look a little further! As my dad and I were two of the three finders of the "Bat Wing" Cache, I speak from experience. Our cache like yours was pure luck with no expectations at all on our find. Please ignore any disbelievers on your cache, it is a compliment on the artifacts themselves to have the doubt from people who have nothing to do with their finding. It is pure greed that makes doubters, plain and simple. I remember the first time we displayed our "Bat Wing" cache and all the doubters....even to this day there doubters at every turn. It was the first time my wife had been around the naysayers of the artifact world and it was all I could do that day to keep her in check...rotfl! I even got a friend from that experience, in the form of the editor of the popular "IAM" magazine. He had some buddies with him and their display was right behind ours, within earshot of the wife. They were the first wave of doubters she encountered. Gary (Fogelman), the editor and I get a laugh from that experience when ever I see him since then.
    You need to write your experiences down, as family history....and honor to your dad.
    You are completely right in your words about the sad state of affairs our state is in on artifacts. We need new faces with some common sense for sure.....our country to for that matter!!
    There is no one in power in this state that cares one thing about any Archaic site, much less any type of Archaic artifact. There is no money or advancement to be made in studying something they know all they are ever going to know about it....or care to know. Archaeology is a dying profession and the new waves in power now only want to try and keep their livelihood in place. The sad bottom line is: History is interesting for sure, but no one pays any attention to it. People are like the hula hoop, we keep circling the same mountain time and time again.

    It matters none where your artifacts came from as far as the masses are concerned. Many will try and shame you into telling them what they need not know. Most folks only want that information so when they tell the story about the find it makes them feel they are part of it. Rumors will fly, be sure of it, and most will be so funny and unbelievable. I wish I had wrote down every rumor and swearing of the truth about the "Bat Wing" cache, it would be a small journal. Even now 30 years prior I see things said that are not true....even in a post on this web site where one individual said our cache was 3 separate caches? I think since it took us 3 days to find all our cache that this is where this versions of 3 separate caches has come from?? This is a good time to plug the journal we had printed 30 years ago to honor the find and to also share with the world history that could/would have been lost forever. It tells the story of the find, the point types, diagrams of the depths found, locations of each point in relation to each other and personal comments. It also show a color actual size picture of each point and in the order they were found. If anyone reads this journal and then relays any information, they will be telling the story as it happened.
    It's the story of the find that is what hunting artifacts is about and who/what was with you and happened. The artifacts are all playing second fiddle. There are many more great treasures to find and many will be bigger and better than anything that has been found to date.
    Again Kudos on a great find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Gomer
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