Down on the Missouri River had a good day big bullets kul
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    May 2013
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    Down on the Missouri River had a good day big bullets kul

    Today got up was tired but wife said lets go and it don't take more then two words to get go. Mojo with homemade bread and some topper (chocolatey thing that tastes good) and away I go. along the path good signal with the garrett 350 and at same time wifes detector Quattro blows out my ears.....both hit bullets.....long bullets......then spied some bottles shining in the sun......I praise y'all that clean bottles ......took me a long time to make these guys even resemble bottles ......anyways posted them on with everything else after I cleaned em up. I am tired. Any input on these I found or the other stuff wife and I found please fill me in with your knowledge my wife did not know and I am not that knowledgeable with this stuff either......I posted some bullets in my other posting that I would love some input and history on.....I forgot to ask.....I think I know what some are but not really that good at takes a long time going thru internet and ebay trying to find similar when I see we have some really knowledgeable people here. I live in Nebraska and south Dakota is pretty close to our home so we travel over there also. And if I want to see my brother I head to north Dakota. So lots of wide open space for stuff. Cant say civil war more native conflicts. Any help would be great and insight from anyone is welcome so please look at my pics and tell me what you got. it would be appreciated and I can print it out for my wife we are in our late sixties doing this and am enjoying doing this a lot. thanks. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	792711 We just showed all our finds after I cleaned them. hated to let you see what they looked like in our hoarding sack....was a mess. We found these along the Missouri towards Mitchell SD. Had some gambling to do that a'ways, my other money interest or is it disinterest.......did I win maybe's something about slots and those bells and whistles......lucky sevens is a fav of ours.

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    Yall found a nice assortment of items , the large unfired cartridges should have the calibre on the bottom of the case IMO they look larger than 30/6 [but hard to tell ] . Maybe u already know the buttons are prob. WW2 ,or maybe WW1[ I should know the difference by now] ,the round ball's look to be older musket type balls if they are made of lead ,still just my opinion .I really find the gold or brass looking item with letters etched on it, some more picks of that might generate more opinions. Good job & Good luck....Davers

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    May 2013
    Garrett 350 Minelab quattro
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    the brass item has initials that is all that is on it. In cursive letters. bullets have following KS 43; RA 43, SL 43; SL 43; SL 4 (only one number on this one I thought this had something to do with years...def not 1904 that is for sure). The brass item has initials H I R. Will take a pic of back it looks like it had a fastener on it at one time. I wll get pictures of it later for you. thanks for your insight.

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