[BANNER] A Little Gold Coin From France Found In The Canadian Wilderness
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Thread: A Little Gold Coin From France Found In The Canadian Wilderness

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    Sep 2012
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    A Little Gold Coin From France Found In The Canadian Wilderness

    Hey folks, I haven't posted any of my finds here in awhile and I hope that everyone enjoys seeing this one. I love to hunt Native Artifacts and older Relics out in the bush and came across this coin beside a portage that has been used for years and years. I don't get too many signals while bush whacking so I dig everything that goes beep. This coin was a few inches under some mud and rocks on the edge of the river. I can't believe that I actually found this while looking for Artifacts, found a nice little stone knife for my troubles that day as well. This is probably my first and last gold coin that I will ever find but will be returning to pound the heck out of that site again this Fall or early Spring. Maybe the person who lost this years ago had more in his pockets that day? This is by far the oldest coin that I have ever found and was shaking for hours after digging it. Thanks for looking and good luck to all of you in your future hunts.
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    Jun 2011
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    wow! I'll bet that was a complete surprise. a most excellent find!
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    Oct 2011
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    some day...some day....i am still waiting...
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    Oct 2007
    South Carolina
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    Very Nice!!!

    Sad that it has damage to the rim!

    This coin has been considered a lucky charm since it was first minted in 1871 and continues to be consider so, hence the name given this coin, "Lucky Angel", so you now have you own lucky angel!!!

    A little history...

    French gold coins, gold Angels, 20 francs French Angel gold coins, gold bullion coins

    French Coins Angel 20 Franc Gold | French Gold Angel Coins
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    Jun 2008
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    Oct 2009
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    Very cool!

    Gold coins don't show up all too often, when one does it still proves they're out there waiting to be found. Any gold in any condition is a good find these days! congrats
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    Oct 2011
    4256 times
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    and I don't understand that either...when I was a kid if I dropped a nickel I would have spent the rest of the week looking for it! Money was not something I would have ever lost...let alone GOLD....

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    Feb 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
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    That's a major find ! Don't ever say it might be the last one you'll ever find , you really just don't know !
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    Sep 2013
    Somewhere directly above the center of the Earth.
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    Serious congratulations are in order, awesome find.
    I'm still waiting on my first gold coin, almost 35 years under my belt detecting, no luck yet.
    Awesome, your find renews my hope that someday I may find one.

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    Dec 2010
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    That's incredible!
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    Nov 2010
    Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
    947 times
    BEAUTIFUL GOLD COIN! Just now saw your post while still sleepy & readying my detecting foray to a popular beach this morning --- if I dig anything super today, it will be your lucky coin spilling its luck way down here to coastal CA. HOPE YOU FIND MORE GOOD SURPRISES YOUR NEXT TIME OUT! Andi
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    Apr 2005
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    Congratulations !!
    Awesome find !!
    Keep @ it and HH !!
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    Feb 2013
    Lake Champlain, Vt.
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    Great find BB.....makes all the hard work, now seem unimportant.......Gary
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    An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

    Oct 2004
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    That's a beauty !!
    Paris Mint ("A" under date near rim).
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    Sep 2009
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    Amazing coin, man! It's gorgeous.
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