Day 2 of a great weekend
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    Mar 2006
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    Day 2 of a great weekend

    After finding my first half yesterday I could not resist going out again today. We went to a 60's homesite to try our luck but it was just not meant to be. Too much brush to swing good and to many roots to dig around. Hopefully none of it was poison ivy.

    The property owner that gave us permission came by to see how we were doing and I let him try my back up detector. He said he had always wanted to and he was nice enough to let us detect his property so I fired it up for him and his daughter. They did not find anything but I did give them the only penny I found there. I tried to get them to go to a tot lot with us knowing if they would he would get some change at least and maybe hook them into the hobby. He declined because he had some errands to run but said he would later. If I can get him to go again I will try to put him on a good spot and bang another hobbyist will be born.

    Anyway my son and I went on to the tot lot at a school for the first time and had a great time. The boy played on the swingset and I ended up finding a $1.87 in clad and one Euro. A little strange to find a Euro in small town TN but there it was.

    On the way home the owner of a 1800 ere huge house was loading their car and I just had to stop an ask permission. The house has a history of a boarding house, a coal company school house and currently a restaurant. The owners were very nice and said that sure I could sometime when they were around. We exchanged business cards and I told them I would be back. I cant wait...

    After that on the way home I picked up some lotto tickets since I had such good luck all weekend. No winners but it was a terrific weekend anyway.
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    Re: Day 2 of a great weekend

    sounds neat!


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    Re: Day 2 of a great weekend

    what a cool weekend you had, and can't wait to see what you dig up at the house. I always am willing to show someone how to use my detector and let them have a go. I know most folks are curious and everyone has seen the commercials on tv that makes you believe you just have to open the box turn it on, and presto you find a diamond ring. Its nice to show them that there is more to it then that. There aren't many that are hooked after digging a foot in the hard ground for a pull tab, but the few that are are worth it.

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    Re: Day 2 of a great weekend

    Nice weekend, indeed.
    Let everyone know if you find some good items at that old house.



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