Civil War bullets at auction today
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    Civil War bullets at auction today

    I guess this counts as a find. Went to the open equipment auction here today. They have them at the fairgrounds every few months or so. Lots of vehicles, farm equipment and tools. Pretty much a bunch of junk and misc boxes as well. These popped up out of nowhere and I was expecting it to go higher. I paid $20 for the set. Comes in a nice leather case. Has a certificate of authenticity from some place that has detailed info on all the bullets. Pretty neat.

    I know some of you find these things all day long but Ive never even held a civil war bullet in my hand so I am excited about it. Heres the pictures.

    The set includes 5 bullets

    Union Musket minie ball
    69 caliber smooth bore musket ball
    44 caliber Colt Army revolver bullet
    58 caliber Williams Cleaner musket bullet
    44 caliber revolver bullet

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    Sep 2006
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    Re: Civil War bullets at auction today

    WOW what a great display! Amazing the places people find things.

    Whatever it is, it is valuable. If nothing else for the lesson learned or simply the experience of having been there.

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    Re: Civil War bullets at auction today

    Thats great...d2

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    Re: Civil War bullets at auction today

    you got a great deal.
    Another world inches below us.

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    tennessee hawk

    Re: Civil War bullets at auction today

    You got your money's worth! Never pass up a deal like that.



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