Any token Gurus out there?
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Thread: Any token Gurus out there?

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    Jan 2014
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    Any token Gurus out there?

    Here it is. About the size of a nickel but thinner. Both sides are the same. Found in upstate NY park.
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    With both sides being the same, I'm going to say it will probably hard to ID. That said I'm no guru.

    Best of luck though, and with 60,000 members someone may know.

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    Jun 2011
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    I found one very similar a couple of years ago. nothing but a '5' on both sides, and about the same size as yours. given the size, I believe it to be a trade stimulator token, and I would guess the age as circa 1910's

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    5 cents in trade token for God knows where... 5 cent trade tokens are kinda common. Not so common to not have a business of some kind on them. Cool token !!

    Keep @ it and HH !!
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    Great find Tymber! Thanks for sharing...
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    Garry Paul

    Mar 2013
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    Thinking just a plain ordinary Token , seen one here last week w/ a 4/25 on it ? I was thinking Maybe Bar or Beer Chip's Tokens LOL

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    This particular type of token has been found all over the country, leading me to believe that they were sold to merchants who were in too much of a hurry to have "custom" tokens made for their business. I wrote up a detailed bit a year or so ago in the Tokens & Tags Forum. In some cases, merchants were sold a "system" of bookkeeping whereby they used tokens to give credit to their customers rather than depending on a complicated ledger book. The system would have the merchant give credit in one even-numbered chunk, say $5 to Joe Blow, but Joe would get $5 in various denominations of tokens. Then Joe would be responsible for keeping track of the tokens, and the merchant would profit if Joe lost them. Typically the system would stamp out an assortment of denominations with the merchant's name and location, but since that would take up to a month to accomplish, these generic tokens may have been used in the interim. The downside is that there might be another merchant in the area also using them and either store might be called on to accept them.

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    I have one with a 10 on it. I thought it might be play money for a child or something??



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