[BANNER] Fans Roman Site - Day 3 - CELTIC GOLD!!!
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Thread: Fans Roman Site - Day 3 - CELTIC GOLD!!!

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    Fan's Roman Site - Day 3 - CELTIC GOLD!!!

    I love Mondays.

    Dad & I spent 5.5 hours gridding the limits of the site. As per norm, the Roman Artefacts often end up on the boundries
    As we we gridding the gap between Fan's Site & the Metal Working area, I finally struck gold. We had a blank year last year for Celtic Gold but now I'm back on the board.
    It's a tiny Quarter Stater of Tasciovanus - 20BC-10AD. (1.34g) - Pegasus Reverse.

    31 Roman Bronze Coins
    Broken Roman Fibula (1st C AD)
    A large complete Fibula
    A once Silvered bronze hair pin (Roman)
    Tudor Clothes Fastener

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    Knowledge in machine struck coinage and colonial through 1800's Relics.

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    Finding a late 1800's-1920's gold coin is amazing (and banner-worthy), but finding a 2000 year old gold coin is just incredible! That definitely deserves Banner, you got my vote!
    Last edited by coinman123; Aug 11, 2014 at 03:40 PM.
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    Dec 2013
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    gz on gold coin! i vote banner to!

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    Feb 2008
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    Obviously BANNER material !!! You guys are just killing it over there - and I thought those Siliquas were pretty hot stuff !
    A vote now , and a toast as soon as we get past 12:00 noon in Arizona USA. Cheers !

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    May 2008
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    Something about those 2000 year old little golden horses I love.

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    Awesome Cru!! With that early silver you recently found I know you were hoping for a matching gold coin. I'm sure this will be up on the banner very soon.

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    May 2013
    City of Rensselaer (upstate NY)
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    Jun 2013
    East Tennessee
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    Congrats on an awesome rare Celtic Gold coin find and of course the Bronze Roman coins as well! My Banner vote is in for you and you truly deserve it!


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    Oct 2010
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    gosh, cant imagine finding that - for historical thrill and value!! congrats

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    ZO6 Guy

    Jan 2014
    Los Angeles
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    Wow! Very cool!

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    Stunning Celt! After a year drought it was finally the time for another Gold! Congrats! Another Banner on the way!

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    Member of Northwest Treasure Hunters

    Nov 2013
    Spokane Wa
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    Sep 2009
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    Amazing. You got my vote, Cru!
    Metal detecting addiction counselling... does it exist?

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    Oct 2013
    Topsham, Maine
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    Banner Finds (2)
    Congratulations Cru! That is a beautiful piece!
    "Life which is lived without zest and adventure-is not life at all."
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    May 2011
    porterville calif...
    fisher 1212x,whites mxt
    687 times
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