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Thread: 1859D GOLD $1 Woop!

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    1859D GOLD $1 Woop!

    Here ya go, Quindy and Judie.
    So yesterday after the storms, my buddies and I went out for a hunt. Seems summer is finally coming to an end and we're ready! The temps were perfect and the soil was as soft as sweet potato pie. Tin foil, nails and 22 shells...make sure and dig 'em. About an hour into our hunt and after digging many of the previous mentioned, I got another low reading on my MXT with a loud tone. Four inches down under the roots of a cedar tree. I dig the hole and see a tiny gold looking, round something or other. My first thought was play money? Nah, not here. Then how about a foreign coin of some sort? Nah..I don't think so. I turn it over and see 1 Dollar. What! No way. I jump up and run to where my buddies are. We look it over, see the date and we all are in shock as to what it is. Oh happy day! That coin waited 155 years for me to find it. I have to wonder who lost such a beautiful coin. Wonder if there's another? lol
    D ain't for Denver. Only 4,952 minted and I got one! Woop! I'ma happy gal.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Dec 2012
    Southern CT
    AT Pro/Ace 250
    688 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Wow amazing coin! Dahlonega is a very cool place to visit too, and nobody ever really hears that it was a mint for some reason. Very cool, congrats!

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    Super find, and that baby's worth some big bucks. According to the 2015 redbook its worth $1600 in VF, and $2250 in EF. You dun good!

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    Apr 2010
    Austin TX
    White Eagle Spectrum, AT pro
    120 times
    she a beauty !!!!! Very nice find !!!!!

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    Oct 2013
    Topsham, Maine
    Teknetics T2 SE w/15' SEF Coil/ Minelab GPX 4500/2 Garrett Pro Pointers/3 Sets Killer B Headphones/ Koss Headphones/ Detekniy Wireless headphone Adapter
    8339 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (2)
    That is a gorgeous coin. Huge congrats to you on that beauty....I mean banner find :-)
    "Life which is lived without zest and adventure-is not life at all."
    -F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, British Explorer
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    Dan or Daniel or Lucky if I've found Gold.

    May 2012
    Mariposa, California. USA
    MXT Pro, Classic SL, Bullseye II Probe, Garrett Groundhog.
    886 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Wow, that's an incredible find. Congrats to you. The condition looks nice. A happy addition to any collection.
    I Vote Banner for sure.


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    Oct 2007
    Northern, OH
    DFX, White PI, Bounty Hunter, Whites Surfmaster II and Excalibur II
    417 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    sweet looking coin I also say banner
    CRH 2014 find
    War Nickels
    Mercs 4
    Rosie 6
    90% Kennedy
    40% halfs
    Detecting Finds
    Quarters `
    Silver Quarters
    Silver Dimes

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    Diggin up TEXAS!

    Sep 2009
    Fort Worth,Texas
    CTX 3030 / AT PRO / Etrac w/ NEL
    3737 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by bottlehunterofcoscob View Post
    Wow amazing coin! Dahlonega is a very cool place to visit too, and nobody ever really hears that it was a mint for some reason. Very cool, congrats!
    This is the first ive heard of it...

    Great find man!

    Banner all the way on that beaut!

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    Charter Member
    Mar 2013
    SW, VA - Bull Mountain
    CTX, Excal II, EQ800, Fisher 1260X, Tesoro Royal Sabre, Tejon, Garrett ADSIII, Carrot, Stealth 920iX, Keene A52
    21145 times
    Digging in the dirt & scooping in the water!
    And, a BANNER vote from me as well!
    Republic of Vietnam 10/69 - 3/71, Cambodia April 27, 1970 on a mountain top with HUGE scorpions

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    Jan 2007
    Northern Middle Tennessee
    Fisher 1266-X, F75 X 2
    2892 times
    Relic Hunting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Nana, less than 5K minted. A super find. I'm officially voting BANNER & thanks for the call. I could tell you were excited. Congrats, Q.
    View more Tenn. Trio hunts by going to "You Tube" & typing in "Quindy Robertson".

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    May 2014
    Minelab E-Trac, Deteknix X-Pointer, Garrett Pro Pointer
    1514 times
    Metal Detecting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    You got my vote Banner! Nice find.

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    HCW is offline

    Feb 2007
    Metro west ,Boston
    White's MXT, Minelab equinox 800 underwater
    682 times
    Banner coin!

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    Aug 2007
    Upstate NY
    XP Deus
    1737 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Incredible find, congratulations!!

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    Feb 2009
    schuylkill county pa.
    whites xlt,vx3
    2637 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    Nice gold piece.

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    Nov 2011
    Ramona CA
    Garrett Ace 350
    12 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    NO WAY!
    Thats way cool Congrats!!


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